#IWillBeMe Ella Baché Skincare Challenge

I just learnt some valuable lessons about skincare…

I always thought I was a busy girl; until September 2017 came along and hit me in the face. During this month I started a new job, threw my boyfriend a big party for his 30th, two of my friends had their birthdays and two others tied the knot.

On top of this I was driving an hour north most weekends, as I was invited to collaborate with Ella Baché salon Whitford City. But unlike my other plans throughout the month, this would actually benefit my skin.

Ella Baché #IWillBeMe Campaign

During September, Ella Baché held their #IWillBeMe campaign, which is all about loving the skin you’re in.

To get things glowing, I had a consultation with an Ella Baché therapist to find out what skin type I had (warning: this may not be the skin type you think you have), and was prescribed a 28-day program to get my skin in tip top condition.

Ella Baché Whitford City Salon

I was welcomed into the Whitford City salon and introduced to Dorine, who would look after me throughout the month.

After cleansing my face, she shined a blue light onto my skin to look for dehydration, oiliness, pigmentation and sun damage.

To my horror, she told me my skin was severely dehydrated. What? I drink about 2L of water every day thank you very much. Maybe the 12 hour long hen do I was on a few days before had something to do with its suffering.

Note to self: when you think one more drink is a good idea, spare a thought for your face.

I needed hydration asap, so I was prescribed the Sustain program, which is for combination skin and contained the Lait Enrichi Requin (a calming milk cleanser) and Emulsion Jojoba (a redness reducing moisturiser).

But before I left, I was booked in for my first facial a week later.

Facial 1: Spring Facial

The Spring Facial was created especially for the #IWillBeMe program. Dorine told me it was pretty much the same as the Ella Baché Signature facial, but has fewer massages.

She began by cleansing my face, then worked on rehydrating my parched skin.

It was the most relaxing facial I’d had for a long time. There were no noisy machines or products that made my skin prickle, just gentle cleansers and soothing creams that smelt and felt beautiful.

It was so dreamy I drove home, crawled into bed and slept for an hour and a half!

Week 1. Facial 2: Microdermabrasion

There’s nothing like a good microdermabrasion to scrub and revitalise your skin, and mine really needed it.

By now I was one week into using the products and my skin was having a right old bitch.

I’d broken out big time, and I’m pretty sure it’s because my skin wasn’t used to any of the products I was coating it in, and twice a day instead of just once – call me gross, but I only have an evening skincare routine otherwise I get a pimple eruption.

The microdermabrasion started with a cleanse and was followed by two exfoliations for a real spring clean. After that, the diamond tipped machine was run over my face, which felt like a tiny vacuum elegantly sucking up all the crap in my skin.

After a good detox, my skin was rehydrated with a cooling face mask and a head massage.

Week 4. Facial 3: Ella Baché Signature Facial Treatment

After the microdermabrasion, my skin really improved.

My spots had gone, my skin looked clean and nourished, and according to the blue light, my skin’s hydration levels were on point. So it was time for my third and final facial.

Being the most luxurious of the three, it won’t surprise you that the Ella Baché Signature Facial was my favourite of them all.

It began with a neck and shoulder massage, before my skin was gently cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated with a mask. While this mask was on, I was given a head, arm and hand massage.

Dorine even noted that my hands were suffering from an allergic reaction caused by the hand soap at my new office, so she used a cream designed to calm my eczema.

Again, almost dozed off.

Ella Bache Product Review

My complexion may look similar from start (left) to finish (right) albeit a little brighter, what was lying beneath the surface told a very different tale.

My skin took a real hammering in September from all the celebrations, and I dread to think what it would have looked like if I hadn’t been using the right products.

I was completely spoiled by the girls at Ella Baché Whitford City, as they gave me a few samples to try alongside the Sustain program.

My favourite products from them all were:

If you haven’t tried any products from Ella Baché before, give them a go or at least pop in for a consultation as you might learn a lesson or four about your skin. And if you go to Whitford City, ask for Dorine, her facials and knowledge of skincare and Elle Baché products is phenomenal!

Top skincare tips

1. Think you’ve drank enough? Drink again. 

Did you know that for every cup of coffee you drink, you need to drink 4 glasses of water on top of your daily recommended amount? And if you exercise, you need to need to drink more on top of that? I’ve upped my intake from 2L to 3-3.5L each day, and my skin is loving me for it!

2. Eye cream is your ticket to younger looking skin

I didn’t think I’d have to start using an eye cream until I was 30, but I was horribly wrong.

The blue light showed how dehydrated the skin was around my eyes, and dehydration = ageing = wrinkles. I noticed a big difference in hydration just two weeks after using Creme Speciale Yeux morning and night.


Because the skin around your peepers is incredibly delicate, it’s one of the first areas to age, so if you’re not using an eye cream already, get amongst it before you have crows feet stomping all over you.

3. Your skin needs serum

A hydrating serum is going to be a staple in my skincare routine from this day forth.

It really improved my hydration levels, and I’d encourage anyone who lives a dehydrating life via coffee/wine/the gym/Aussie sun to make it an essential too.

4. Dehydrated skin doesn’t mean you need extra moisture

Before Dorine told me I had normal/combination skin, I thought I had dry skin, so I was slathering it in rich moisturisers when it actually just needed more hydration.

The extra moisture made me break out and label my skin as ‘prone to breakouts’, when all I needed to do was listen to it and find out what it really needed.


Have you tried any products or services by Ella Baché before?

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