Lauren Wood Skin Clinic, Karrinyup

Blasting cellulite with technology

Cellulite, fat deposits and sagging skin top the list of the biggest skincare concerns we women have.

So when I was invited to the Lauren Wood Skin Clinic in Karrinyup for an Express Body Machine Treatment, I jumped on it! Prevention is better than a cure, right?

The Lauren Wood Skin Clinic combines science and beauty and promises to deliver and maintain results for its clients. They offer a variety of treatments, most of which I’d never heard of, for example a Vascu Lyse, which is a non-invasive treatment designed to help conditions such as broken capillaries, milia and skin tags.

The clinic is located on the second floor inside Karrinyup Health Professionals. I was welcomed into the beautifully lit reception area and handed a peppermint tea to sip on while I filled out my consultation form. It definitely felt like more of a spa than a clinic.

The Express Body Machine Treatment uses a cellulite busting machine to target specific parts of your body, and is designed to:

  • increase blood and lymphatic circulation to remove toxins
  • decrease the cause and look of cellulite
  • help tone the body

I had the option to target either my stomach, the front of my legs or the backs or my legs and bum. I wanted to firm up and tone the backs of my legs and bum – because who doesn’t want a perkier derrière?

Apart from massages, I’d never had a body treatment before so I was really keen to give it some attention instead of my face for once.

I went into the room and took a good look at the technical piece of equipment that would be massaging my rear, and was handed a sexy paper thong.

Lumicell Wave 6 Machine

The Express Machine Body Treatment uses the Lumicell Wave 6 machine, which is a “cellulite and body contouring system”. It uses technologies to target:

  • Heavy legs
  • Orange peel appearance
  • Skin dimpling
  • Rippling of the inner thighs
  • Localised fat deposits
  • Skin contour irregularities

In other words it’s a woman’s knight in shining armour.

The Express Machine Body Treatment

The session was broken into three stages. The first is a vacuum/massage that works to release lymphatic blockages, stimulate fat release and get the blood flowing.

I’ve never had my butt hoovered before, so it was pretty strange and made a couple of spots tender as it was surprisingly powerful! But don’t worry, the specialist adjusts its level according to how far into your course you are.

Next is the Ultrasound, which targets deeper fatty layers. This was more relaxing and felt like the gel was just being rubbed in.

The last phase is the Radio Frequency, which aims to increase collagen, tighten the skin and visibly improve its appearance. This was also comfortable and warming too.

The Results

The treatment lasted 30 minutes as it was the express version – they’re usually an hour and you have a course of them over a few weeks.

I was told before we started that I wouldn’t see any results as I was just having a one-off session, but the girls at the clinic claim that their clients have achieved amazing results with the full course. They make sure all your measurements are recorded and they also take photos to document your progress.

Although my legs and behind didn’t look any different, I could definitely feel something going on, like a cooling, rejuvenated feeling.

I’d be really keen to see some of the results women have achieved with this, but Lauren Wood keep their clients’ photos confidential, which is completely understandable.

If you’re keen to try it yourself or browse their list of unique treatments, head to the Lauren Wood website.

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