REVIEW: Marula Oil Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner

A rare oil perfect for nourishing fine hair

If you’ve got fine hair like me, you’ll know that a lot of oil based hair products can be too heavy for your delicate locks, which sucks because we also want the nourishing and hydrating benefits our thick haired friends reap.

However, I’ve found a brilliant oil-hailing shampoo and conditioner that us fine haired females can lap up. It’s called marula oil. Never heard of it? Neither had I until I was gifted the Marula Oil Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner from Paul Mitchell to try, and here’s why you need to know about it.

What is Marula Oil?

Marula oil is extracted from the fruit of the marula tree, and has been used in Africa as a secret skin saviour for thousands of years for its hydrating benefits.

Paul Mitchell’s marula oil is cold-pressed and they make some pretty impressive claims

“feature time-release technology that nourishes and hydrates over time… positively charged MarulaSpheres adhere to negatively charged damage sites and bond to strands like a magnet, delivering fresh bursts of marula oil every time you touch, style or brush your hair. Whereas other oils would simply rinse away, washing most of their benefits down the drain, MarulaSpheres continue to provide maximum nutrients and hydration for noticeably healthy, shiny hair.” – 

It all sounds rather scientifically awesome doesn’t it? So here’s how I got on…

Marula Oil Volumising Shampoo

The shampoo is clear, thin and smells beautiful. As well as containing marula oil to seal split ends, the duo contains beetroot-derived arginine to strengthen hair and amplify your roots.
I always shampoo my hair twice and use 2-3 pumps each time. I’ve found that it doesn’t lather on the first wash, but on the second it foams up well. Once rinsed, you can start to feel your hair soften.

Marula Oil Volumising Conditioner

Then along comes the conditioner to inject some serious moisture. I coat my hair from root to tip, and leave the thick formula on for a minute or two. When you rinse it out, it leaves your hair feeling like satin.


I’ve used Moroccanoil’s Light shampoo and conditioner before and it was still too heavy for my hair. I thought this could be the case with Marula Oil’s, but it was the complete opposite.

Marula Oil doesn’t weigh the hair down, in fact it does the opposite and gives hair great volume and movement as promised. In fact, I never wouldn’t have said it had any oil in it at all.

It also reduced my frizz, contains no solvents and I love the packaging as the pumps are handy and I’m a sucker for rose gold.

This duo is one of the ranges from Paul Mitchell’s Marula Oil line, so if you’re thinking about wrapping your hair around the new brand, get amongst it!


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