Two New Skincare Favourites From Lush

A cleanser to stop spots and a serum to reduce redness

Last month I went to Bloggers United Australia‘s second birthday party, which was held at the Lush store in Perth’s CBD.

It was a beautiful night packed with natural products to play with, yummy healthy treats and we even made their Cupcake face mask!

On the way out we were handed an amazing party bag full of skincare goodies, and one of these products was Lush’s Ultrabland.


Ultrabland is a creamy cleanser made with almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey. This heavy combo gives it a greasy texture and I was worried it would be too much for my oily T-zone, but Lush say it’s good for all skin types so I dived in.

Whenever I wear a full face of make-up I remove the bulk of it with Micellar water before using a cleanser. Once I’d done this I massaged the thick cream all over my face and neck, then removed it with a damp muslin cloth as instructed.

Using a damp cloth is my favourite way to remove a cleanser. If I wash one off with water it gets all in my hairline, I go temporarily blind and am usually left red-faced.

Ultrabland removes dirt and make-up brilliantly and my skin doesn’t feel like it needs moisturising afterwards, which NEVER happens! It has a slightly gritty texture too so you get a light exfoliation at the same time.

But here’s what impressed me the most about Ultrabland. Every month without fail I get a big, fat hormonal spot erupt on my chin – because if feeling shit wasn’t enough, Mother Nature wants me to look shit too.

So I was amazed when I only got the tiniest pimple and a volcano didn’t even try to emerge. For this is gets a major high five from me.

Full of Grace

After divulging my skincare woes to one of the helpful girls at Lush, she suggested I try Full of Grace to reduce the redness I get on my cheeks and chin.

Full of Grace is a deeply moisturising solid serum that contains chamomile to calm the skin. I bought this along with a little Lush tin to keep it safe and clean.

The serum is the size of a small bar of soap and melts as you rub over your face. It smells gorgeous and the chamomile has definitely done the trick to calm my redness. Although most serums are designed to be used alongside a moisturiser, I found Full of Grace hydrating enough on its own.

The only issue I have with Full of Grace is that I can see it becoming tricky to use the smaller it gets. It has already broke in half (thanks Mum), so I’d prefer it to come in a wind up stick.

The storage tin has also started to go black on the edges and I’ve only had it a month, so I’m not sure what’s going on there and how long the tin will look good for.

I used only these two products (plus Micellar water) for three weeks and my skin looks clean, even and hydrated. It’s the cheapest and quickest skincare regime I’ve had since I was a teen, so I’m stoked!

Thank you for having me Bloggers United!

Have you got any Lush favourites?

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