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Sometimes you need more than just a facial

You’ve heard of a facial and have probably had a few before, but have you ever heard of or had a medi-facial?

I’d never heard of one until two weeks ago, when I was invited down to Pier Street Cosmetics Clinic in Perth for a complimentary treatment.

Pier St Cosmetics offer services including:

  • Collagen induction
  • Dermal fillers
  • Laser tattoo removal
  • Chemical peels

Petrified by all of the above, I opted for a medi-facial, which is a facial tailored to your skin using naturally derived products. But before we got down to it, my skin had to be photographed.

Pier St Cosmetics Perth

The lovely Leigh-Ann from Pier Street Cosmetics has eight years’ experience and specialises in advanced IPL treatments (both hair removal and photo rejuvenation). After she cleansed away my make-up, she sat me on a stool in front of a box and I had my skin photographed four times to show:

  • Normal
  • Redness/sensitivity

  • Pigmentation/brown spots

  • Hydration/dehydration

Pier St Cosmetics perth skin analysis

By studying these images, Leigh-Ann was able to see what products my skin needed and create a facial tailored to my skin. My photos showed my skin is sensitive, a little dehydrated and quite fine, so I’m prone to wrinkles. Joy.

A week after my skin’s photoshoot, I went back to for my medi-facial and it was the perfect way to wind down on a Friday night.

Pier St Cosmetic Medi Facial

Leigh-Ann used the following naturally derived products from Aspect and Societe:

  • Aspect Cleanser to remove my make-up
  • Societe Thermal Cleanser for a deep clean
  • Aspect Cellblation Scrub to gently exfoliate
  • Pumpkin Peel to relieve congested areas
  • Hydrating Massage Cream for hydration (obviously) 
  • Green Tea Modelling Mask to cool and calm
  • Aspect B Serum for brightening and firming
  • Aspect SMC for rich moisturisation

My favourite products were the Societe Thermal cleanser and the Green Tea Modelling Mask.

The Societe Thermal Cleanser is a warming clay based cleanser that heats up as it’s massaged in (Leigh-Ann gives a lush face massage FYI!). The cooling green tea mask is a green tea powder concentrate mixed with water to create a thin paste. It’s left on for a few minutes to allow the antioxidants time to cool and soothe the skin, and while it gets to work it turns to a putty-like texture that is peeled off all in one go.

After 45 minutes of pampering that included four different moisturising agents, it won’t come as a surprise to hear that my skin felt incredibly hydrated. It was also left plumped with a smooth, soft finish.

I was so impressed with how my skin was properly examined prior to my appointment, and recommend these facials to anyone looking for a more unique and specialised experience instead of a standard ‘one facial suits all’ treatment.

To book in, head over to the Pier Street Cosmetics website.

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