REVIEW: Rimmel’s NEW Sculpting Palette By Kate Moss

Chiselled cheekbones in three simple steps

Rimmel have just launched their first sculpting and highlighting contouring kit, and this is why you need to care…

When I began my hunt for a contour kit I wanted a simple palette that didn’t break the bank or take up my entire make-up box with 20 different shades – it’s bloody crowded in there.

When I saw Rimmel’s new Sculpting Palette by Kate up in lights in Boots when I was in the UK, it was just what I was looking for. (I left this out of my UK Beauty Haul feature because it’s available worldwide.)

The kit has a highlighter, a contour and a blush, with the blush available in two shades: Coral Glow (for fair to medium skin) and Golden Bronze (for medium to dark skin). I chose Coral Glow obvs.

Rimmel Sculpting Palette By Kate

Rimmel Sculpting Palette By Kate Moss review
Rimmel Sculpting Palette Kate review

If you’re new to contouring, this kit has a handy little pic on the back to show you where each powder goes.

I only wanted the kit for sculpting my cheek bones, not my entire face – ain’t nobody got time for that. So I suck my cheeks in and apply the contour in the hollows, then smile and put the blush on the apples of my cheeks and finish by dusting the highlighter over my cheek bones.
Rimmel Sculpting Palette Review

Rimmel Sculpting palette coral glow review

The end result is beautifully subtle, but the powders are very buildable so you can add more definition as you see fit. Just don’t go crazy and go all Maleficent on your arse; keep it natural, girls.

Rimmel’s Sculping Palette is also affordable, but more so in the UK where it’s £4.99, as opposed to its $16.95 price tag here. FFS Australia!

Will you buy Rimmel’s Sculpting Palette By Kate Moss? Or do you know an awesome contour kit already?

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