Lipstick of the Month: Kate Moss Nude 042

Easing into 2016 with a laid back lippy

Happy New Year!!!

This is my first post in a month as I’ve had a bloody brilliant Christmas and New Year as my parents visited me in Perth for the first time ever!

Sadly they’ve now gone back to England, so it’s back to spending 80% of my time hunched over my Mac, although I do slack off my blog during the summer because… SUMMER!

While I was playing tour guide for them and we were darting all over the city, I kept one lipstick on me at all times (thankfully it didn’t melt in the 36+ heat!).

This was the Rimmel by Kate Moss Lasting Finish nude lipstick in shade 042, a blushing nude hue that I can’t get enough of!

kate moss nude lipstick 42 review

kate moss nude lipstick 42

I bought this from Priceline during one their 40% off sale. I was hesitant to buy one of the Kate Moss nudes as I found her reds really drying and they cracked, but the beauty industry was buzzing about them and I can see why.

Kate Moss’ nude lipstick in shade 042 is perfect for completing a natural day look or paired with a smoky eye at night.

Its colour is far lighter than what it looks like on the stick and will suit a lot of skin types with its pale pink pigments, however shade 042 does show the cracks in your lips, so I blot it with my finger to get rid of this.

The subtle shade also means it’s not too noticeable when it starts to come off, which is handy for me as my water bottle and I are BFFs so lipsticks don’t tend to last long on me during the day.

This lipstick also takes good care of your lips with its creamy hydrating formula, so it will keep your lips kissable all summer, day or night. 

kate moss nude lipstick 042 swatch

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