REVIEW: TIGI Bed Head Motor Mouth Mega Volumizer

Bouncy locks, bananas and a UV glow!

Hands up if you want hair like a Victoria Secret’s bombshell. Me too.

Getting a long, luscious, bouncy, shiny, thick, sexy mane has been my life goal for the past seven years – ambitious aren’t I? While I haven’t found anything that has given me mermaid long locks over night (if you have, hook me up), I have found something that helps in the volume and thickening department. Say hello to TIGI Bed Head’s Motor Mouth Mega Volumiser ($20).

tigi bed head motor mouth

This little yellow ball of happiness is just what I want from a volumiser/thickener. The bright lemon coloured cream smells like those banana sweets from the 90’s that you bought in sweet shops and were always slightly stale. I also love the funky packaging because it stands out from my other products and has a handy pump.

TIGI say you need 2-3 pumps, but I’ve found 1 is plenty. It doesn’t weigh my fine hair down or make it greasy, even when applied at the root. There are a lot of volumising products out there that don’t give you immediate results, and take a night’s sleep and a bit of pillow love to fluff up roots, but this isn’t the case with Motor Mouth. Here’s my hair right after I’d finished blow drying it…

tigi motor mouth review

Not only was my hair left big and bouncy, it also had a beautiful shine thanks to the tiny specks of glitter in the formula. AND (coolest part) it contains tinopal, a glow shot that absorbs and re-emits UV light. Yes, it’s really meant to make your hair glow under a UV light! I haven’t tried this out yet, but when I do I’ll totally chuck a photo on Instagram!

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