REVIEW: Rodan and Fields Soothe Regime

The American skincare giant has landed in Australia

If you’re from Australia, the chances are you haven’t heard of Rodan and Fields, or at least you hadn’t until a flurry of consultants starting popping up in your network.

Rodan and Fields is big business in America’s beauty industry. It has won a tonne of awards, and on 14th September it’s landing in Australia and wants to make the same impact.

The brand has several ranges for skin concerns such as ageing, acne and hydration. My first choice was to try the  acne range Unblemish, but this wasn’t available at the time so I opted for the Soothe range to even out my skin tone and reduce my subtle redness.

My skin was already looking really good thanks to two awesome Lush products, so after hearing the amazing results achieved, I was keen to see how the Soothe range would improve my skin even more.

But before we get down to the results, here’s what each product in the Soothe range is for…

Step 1: Gentle Cream Wash

The Gentle Cream Wash gives you 2 options to use it depending on your skin…

“For oily skin: Wet skin and apply a thin layer over entire face and massage gently into skin. Rinse skin thoroughly and pat dry. For dry skin: Do not use water. Apply a thin layer over entire face and massage gently into skin. Use a fresh ESSENTIALS™ Gauze Pad to remove excess product. Do not rinse off.” – Rodan + Fields

I have an oily T-zone and dryness on my cheeks, so I used it for oily skin because the other products are nourishing enough, plus I didn’t like the idea of not rinsing all the product off my face.

The consistency is neither a cream nor a foaming cleaner; it’s more like a milk and doesn’t lather up. I was surprised that after using Gentle Cream Wash my skin felt quite tight and was crying out for some moisturiser, so that brings me to step 2.

Step 2: Sensitive Skin Treatment

The Sensitive Skin Treatment is a pretty champagne coloured cream. The lightweight formula blends easily into your skin and this seriously combats redness.

I found this calmed my redness down really well, and is my favourite product from the range.

Step 3: Moisture Replenishing Cream

After the treatment comes the moisturiser, which is a thicker formula and hydrates the skin well.

Step 4: Mineral Suncream

I have to be honest, I barely used the suncream. This is because I was concerned so many creams would make my milia (milk spots) rise up, or would be too oily for my T-Zone and cause breakouts.

When I did use it, I thought it soaked into the skin well and really felt like a good barrier had been built due to its fairly thick formula.

Results: Before and After

Rodan + Fields encourage you to take before and after photos to track your progress, and here are my results…

My skin definitely looked the best in weeks 1 and 2. It looked good most of the time and my redness did reduce, but sometimes I thought the range worked a little too well and I looked washed out!

Plus I was right about all the creams being too much for my skin as my milia increased a little and I had one of the worst breakouts I’ve ever had while using the regime, with spots popping up in places I don’t usually get them (like my hairline). Having said this, combatting spots isn’t the Soothe’s range purpose.

Overall, this range wasn’t for my skin and I think I would of had better results with the Unblemish range. It’s designed for people with extreme redness, so I’d give it a go if that’s you because some women have achieved incredible results.

But if you only have mild redness like me, I don’t think the range is worth the $200+ price tag, as you can get the same or better results using more affordable brands.

If you’d like to try any of the Rodan + Fields products, contact the R+F Consultant Kristi on (+61)438 612 866 for access to the online consultation, or if DM is more your thing you can reach out to her via her Instagram.

Have you heard of Rodan and Fields? Will you give it a go when it lands in Australia?

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