5 Minutes with Anoushka Marie, Co-Founder of John Taylor Watches

From starting a business to the future of watches

The last time I wore a watch I was 13 years old. It was a small sterling silver piece with cubic zirconia stones nestled around the edge of the face. And I never wore it.

I’ve never been a watch girl.


Yep, I’ve never been a watch wearer until about three weeks ago when my friend asked me if I would like one of hers. When she said one of her watches, I don’t mean a hand-me-down, I mean a brand new watch from her very own line, John Taylor.

Over the past couple of months I’d started looking at watches in a new light (cheers Instagram). I’ve always been a jewellery addict, but started to crave finishing off an outfit with a minimal timepiece.

So I jumped at the chance to give this whole watch thing a go and chose the beautiful blush and gold design, The Noosa.

The names of her and her husband’s (the other John Taylor Co-Founder) watches are inspired by iconic beaches from all around Australia, like Byron Bay, Cottesloe and Whitehaven.

But it’s Perth’s coastal city living lifestyle that inspired the brand as a whole.”We’re really proud to be Australian and feel our country’s lifestyle is unique; we have it so good here!” says Anoushka Marie, Co-Founder of John Taylor.

When my first adult watch arrived it was beautifully packaged in a John Taylor embossed box complete with a care guide.

The interchangeable strap is made of Italian leather, and the back is made from a stainless steel bezel.

The watch itself has a hardened mineral crystal lens, it’s water resistant 5ATM (light splashes and moisture) and a Swiss Quartz movement, so you just take the pin out, set the time and give it a shake to get ticking.

I was blown away with the quality and the classic, minimal designs. I had to know more! So I sat down with my friend and fellow blogger turned business woman to find out how Australia’s newest unisex watch brand was born…

Me with Anoushka at the Swim & Resort 2017 show. She rocked a JT watch, I sported a fluro wristband.

Okay, let’s start from the beginning; when and how did you start John Taylor watches?

In early 2016 we came up with the idea to start a watch label. We live by the beach in beautiful WA and were inspired by our city/coastal lifestyle.

After months of research and connecting with the right people around the globe, from suppliers to graphic designers, John Taylor Watches was born.   

So, why watches?

I’ve always loved jewellery and dressing up from a young age. My dad is a watch lover and every year bought me and my siblings new watches, so I was fortunate enough to have quite a collection from the get go, which helped to inspire some of our designs. 

What makes your timepieces different from the rest on the market?

I think our design is unique with the JT logo being the feature on the watch. This was something we pictured at the very start of the design journey and it was present on the final result, which I’m really pleased about.

With the rise of wearable technology and smart watches, are you worried classic timepieces will become a thing of the past?

I think there will always be a place for classic timepieces. Despite new technology there has been a rise in analog watches over the last few years.

I feel like there is something special about reading the dial on an analog watch face which is different to technology.  There is less worry of battery failure and more and more we often see a return to keeping things simple. 

The name John Taylor was inspired by your husband’s grandfather and your daughter’s middle name, have you designed any particular timepieces with either of them in mind?

We were definitely aware of them during the design process. We wanted our whole collection to echo this city meets beach lifestyle, which we feel is uniquely Australian. 

Starting a business is such hard work, especially being a mum! Can you describe a typical day in your life?

Yes tell me about it! I’m up early and like to get my exercise in and start the day well.

Once the kids are ready for school I drop them off and then head to the office where there is usually a list of tasks for the day. Some days I’m out and about, meeting with stores or future clients.

Once I pick up the kids from school my husband arrives and the work load is shared. Dinner, baths, bed, then perhaps emails and of course social media.

Life is absolutely busy, but I count myself blessed to have such incredible opportunities. 

Had you ever imagined you’d own a watch business before?

If you told me a couple of years ago I’d have a watch label I wouldn’t have believed you, but now it just seems perfect.

You seem to have taken it all in your stride! What advice would you give to those thinking about starting a business of their own? 

Definitely do your research and see what the market is doing, but be confident that there is a place in the market for you.

You are unique and bring ideas that no one else has, so remember that and never try and be a copy of someone else.

Have great people around you that can inspire and help bring out the best in you, and most of all back yourself and give it a go!

Where do you see John Taylor watches in 3 years’ time?

We have big goals and so much we want to achieve! We’re passionate about our city-coastal brand and want to make sure we stay true to this as we continue to grow.

We’re now in a range of stores and the aim is to grow that this year, as well as keep our online presence strong.

Do you have plans for any new designs yet? If so, can you give us a hint of what they will look like? 

Yes, we’re actually close to finalising our next design! It carries some of the same characteristics of our first design while still being quite different. We’re working on having this out by the middle of the year.

That’s so exciting! Finally, what would you say to rare breeds like me who don’t normally wear watches? 

Watches these days are more than just a way to tell the time, they are a statement and part of your personal style. They’re a way of adding that ‘something special’ to your outfit.

An analog watch can say so much about you. It can say: I care about how I spend my time. It can say: I want pieces that are beautiful and functional.

And of course, like we’ve mentioned, there is a real return to the old school, a hipster bohemian philosophy that technology is fleeting and ever changing, yet the faithful watch is a return to a sweeter, simpler time (excuse the pun!).

I absolutely love my watch, not just because it looks so pretty, but because it saves me from routing through my handbag for my phone to check the time, only to be distracted by notifications for 10 minutes and not look at the time at all.

So it gives me the time in more ways than one!

Check out the rest of Anoushka’s unisex watches online at John Taylor Watches.

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