Backstage Beauty: One Fell Swoop

Mannequin makeup and haunting hair

“Triangle,” said L’Oreal Stylist Melissa Gesualdo, when I asked her how she would describe the hair for the One Fell Swoop show.

And she was spot on. The models’ hair was loaded up with products, straightened and then fanned out to create a full bodied, angular style.

The products key for creating this look were Crêpage de Chignon, a mixture between hairspray and dry shampoo that create tackiness and a matte finish, then a shit load of Infinium hairspray to keep it place.

The L’Oreal stylists then placed barber tape around the models’ heads to set the shape, while Melissa perfected the ends. She finished off the style by blasting hairspray underneath their locks, using a flat net thingy I’d never seen before to set the hair in a fanned-out fashion.

When I looked at the contraption closer, I found it was just a hair net wrapped over coat hanger that Melissa had made herself – genius!

The make-up was directed by Ash Brockman from Artists at Play, who told me the inspiration behind the look was ‘human mannequins’.

“The look was a hyperreal take on the One Fell Swoop woman; a clinic make-up that was drawn from a beauty operating theatre,” says Ash. “Liquid bones, face tape with a huge focus on mannequin skin.”

This meant minimal make-up with fresh looking skin, fluffed up brows, and smokey eyes with natural hues. But when it came to the eyeliner, there was no pencil, gel or powder, instead they had wings of silver foil to reflect the light on the runway.

The eerie catwalk, music and smoke of the One Fell Swoop show fitted perfectly with the unusual hair and make-up, and the spotlights bounced off the foil liner, making the models’ eyes look almost white.

This look made a stark contrast to the silky draped dresses, feminine fabrics and elegant cuts of One Fell Swoop. It was unexpected, bold and looked fantastic!








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