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New salon, new hairdresser, new colour…

There are only a handful of scenarios that terrify women when it comes to looking good. We can handle hot wax like a boss, strut around in stilettos with our feet on fire and glide fun-sized lawn mowers (aka epilators) over our underarms.

However, one thing that can really shake us up is changing our hairdresser.

Dun, dun, duunnn.

I had to do this last week as my good friend/hairdresser is on holiday for a month, but I didn’t have to rack my brains for an alternative as I was offered a complimentary cut and colour at Tao of Hair, a swanky new salon in Perth’s CBD.

Owned and directed by Daniel Yap, Tao is Chinese for ‘the way’, so the salon means ‘the way of hair’.

Tao of Hair

Tao of hair review

Daniel Yap

Daniel has been a hairdresser for 17 years, and in this time he’s produced some amazing styles and worked with people all around the world to broaden his knowledge.

He opened Tao of Hair years ago, but his first salon was hidden behind a sushi bar off Hay St. Now his new salon is bigger, better and on the most fashionable street in Perth, King Street.

The Salon

I love Tao of Hair’s chic yet urban decor and spacious layout. It’s light, open and you’re not sandwiched between two other clients, you have room to relax.

I stepped into the salon, had my jacket hung up and was sat down at a unit. The friendly (and super stylish) girls offered me drink and gowned me up ready for my colour.

The Colour

I’ve had bleach highlights for 1o years now and have been so bored of my hair colour lately. I wanted to try something new, so Daniel asked ‘How brave are you with colour?’ My new-hairdresser anxiety kicked in a little, so I told him I wanted to stay blonde and was thinking balayage. I also told him that I only like ashy, cool blondes, not warm honey tones.

He nodded, smiled and seemed to understand exactly what I wanted. So off he went to the giant colour wall to mix up my first blonde, kicking my worries out of the door on the way.

Tao of hair perth

I had my hair coloured twice. The first was thick balayage highlights, then once this was developed I had it rinsed off.

My next colour was semi-permanent and the same as my natural hair, which was painted over my roots. Then a highlighter was slicked over my mid-lengths and ends to really lighten the blonde.

The Treatments

After my colour had taken, I was given not one, not two, but three treatments to create bonds inside the hair, seal in the colour and intensely nourish and condition.

The basins at Tao of Hair are awesome because they’re more like beds! They’re horizontal so you lay back and put your head on little ledge inside the bowl, so there are no nasty neck aches. I would have taken a picture, but there were always clients at them so that would have been weird for everyone.

The products and treatments used a Tao of Hair are by Keune (pronounced cue-nay). I’d never heard of Keune before, but I wish I had as their So Pure range I was treated to is made of 100% plant ingredients.

The Cut

I am a nervous wreck when any hairdresser cuts my locks because for the past 10 years I’ve been trying to grow it, and if more than an inch comes off that will be two month’s hard work chopped off and I’ll be devo and my mermaid dreams will take even longer to come true. And breathe..

So I (calmly) told Daniel that I only wanted the teeniest, tiniest amount off my ends. Because of this, he dried my hair first so that he could see exactly how much he was taking off and I didn’t freak out.

After he nibbled the ends off and smoothed my locks with the straighteners, I was finally done.

Before and After

Before you judge me and my hillbilly hair, I’d just like to say it was due for a wash and I got caught in the rain, okay?

Tao of hair before

Tao of hair after

Two colours, three treatments and three and half hours later, I was left with a beautiful clean blonde shade. I’ve never been this light before and I love it!

However, I felt terrible about the trauma I’d put my hair through… until I felt it. My locks felt softer than a Calvin Klein silk dress! Guilt gone.

Tao of hair perth salon

Daniel is so easy to talk to and our conversations went from juice cleanses and coffee, to travel and fashion. And because I’m a hair nerd and love learning about how it, I found him so interesting to talk to because he knows so much – did you know that the faster your metabolism is, the faster your hair grows?

I can’t recommend Daniel enough. There’s something about him that makes you feel safe and I wouldn’t hesitate to put my hair in his hands again. I wish him all the best with his beautiful salon and want to thank him and Keune for giving my hair a much needed make-over.

Will you be trying out Tao of Hair? Have you heard of or tried Keune before?

Tao of Hair Review

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