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The Perth eyebrow stylist gives my brows a much needed boost

When a male colleague says your eyebrows are uneven and they’ve been “bugging” him for a few days, you know you’re crap at styling your brows – because when do guys ever notice that kind of stuff unless it’s obvious?

Luckily I already had an appointment to see Perth eyebrow stylist Rachel Ranger for a brow “restoration”. So I blamed the irritation he felt when he looked at my face on the fact that I was letting them grow out to give her as much hair to work with as possible.

While I spoil the hairs on my head rotten, I’ve never really indulged the ones that frame my face before. They’ve had the odd threading sesh when I lived in the UK, but I’d never had them waxed or tinted and have just plucked them for the past 2 years. I always thought they looked all right (apparently not).

So when Rachel contacted me and asked if I would like a brow restoration, I jumped at the opportunity to show them a little extra love, and here’s what happened…

Rachel Ranger Perth Eyebrow artist

Who is Rachel Ranger?

Rachel Ranger is an eyebrow stylist based in her cosy home in Woodford, east of Perth. She’s been in the beauty industry for 15 years, but decided to specialise in brows in October 2015 when she saw girls drawing big, thick brows onto their faces (you know the ones), instead of embracing their natural shape.

Rachel Ranger Perth brow stylist

She prides herself on her ability to give girls with the thinnest brows, a full and beautiful shape (check out her work on Instagram) and she has also started her own make-up line consisting of brow powders, a gel and a highlighter/concealer pencil.

Rachel Ranger eyebrow cosmetics

Brow Restoration 

Session 1

Rachel got to work tinting, trimming, plucking and fluffing my brows for the next 45 minutes. It’s actually incredibly soothing laying there while she combs your brows, and she says she’s had girls fall asleep on her before!

Here are my brows before and after Rachel’s handy work…

Rachel ranger brows perth review

Rachel ranger brows Session 1

I couldn’t believe how much better they looked after one go!

She asked me to come back for a second session as I’d plucked my right brow too short at the tip, so that needed to grow down and my left brow needed to thicken up too.

Session 2

Four weeks later I was laying back on the brow bed for my next sesh.

Rachel tinted my brows again, which she does with all her clients before she starts so that she can see every single hair she has to play with – and got to work once again.

My brows had filled out more, but my right brow still need to grow down. This time I left with a fuller set and a more defined shape.

Session 3

Fast forward another four weeks and I was back for my final appointment.

My brows had fattened up nicely again, and my right tail was almost the same length as my left, so they only needed to be tinted, tidied up at the edges and given soft, sweeping arches.

My eyebrows are now far more even than what they were, and now I look back at photos and cringe at the jagged shape I carved onto my face for the past decade.
Rachel ranger perth eyebrows

They’re much darker in this image from the brow powder she used to finish them. After swiping this off with the rest of my make-up that night, they were still a tad darker than what they were in image one because of the tint, which I really liked as the colour drew more attention to my eyes.

There are still a couple of tiny gaps where a few hairs packed up and left, but I’m hoping they’ll return soon. The arch on my right brow isn’t as high as the left, so I’ll use Rachel’s brow powder to make my arches identical, fill in the gaps and lengthen my tails.

Rachel is such a lovely lady and so easy to talk to. I’d really look forward to going to her place after a busy day at work and chillaxing while she made me look less Angry Bird and more chic chick.

If you want to be left bright-eyed and bushy-browed too, check out the Rachel Ranger Artistry Facebook page to book an appointment, and if you quote ‘Primping Perth’ you’ll get a brow restoration for $40, instead of $50!

Rachel Ranger deal (1)

Rachel Ranger brows review

How do you do your brows? Have you ever been to a brow stylist before?

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