REVIEW: EX Hair Products

The latest hair care range fresh outta Perth, but with an emotional twist

One of the reasons I write this blog is to get to know the awesome people and brands in Perth’s fashion and beauty scenes.

The latest creatives I’ve met are Jason and Caroline Outten, husband and wife and founders of the new hair care range EX Hair.

Their story of building their business is completely different to the other Perth brands I’ve met, as EX Hair was a dream founded from a nightmare.

Caroline was a hairdresser for 30 years before she was tragically diagnosed with breast cancer. During her time off, instead of taking a much needed break she said ‘eff you, cancer’ and created a kick-ass line of hair care products – what a champ!

She has a vision to help the many others who have gone through, or are going through, the same ordeal as her, so created ranges including:

  • Detoxer – clarification, health, and vitality for the hair and scalp
  • Ecodetox – reduces oxidative stress caused by environmental physical and emotional stress
  • Revitalise – anti-aging, superior damage recovery and greater manageability
  • Ah La Naturale- removes environmental pollutants, calms dry skin conditions, and imparts moisture

The range is packed with mainly Australian made organic botanical ingredients and contains no nasty ingredients like parabens. EX is also vegan and animal friendly, with no animal-derived ingredients or by-products apart from beeswax.

Sounds pretty good, right? So I was thrilled when they sent me their Ecodetox and Oommph range to try, based on my thin, bleached hair.

Here’s what I thought of each product…


EX haircare ecodetox review

I really love the concept of the Ecodetox range; the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment aim to combat oxidative stress caused by environmental, physical, and emotional stress.

Key Ingredients

  • Dragon’s blood – reduces oxidative stress, moisturises, aids with stressed scalps
  • Green and white tea – balances PH levels, nourishes, protects agains UV radiation
  • Provitamin B5 – increases water content and elasticity
  • Nettle – strengthens and reduces loss
  • Ginger – fights dandruff and split ends
  • Aloe vera – reduces scalp inflamation

EX Hair Ecodetox Shampoo & Conditioner

EX hair ecodetox shampoo

It’s pretty rare when your hair feels soft after using shampoo. I’ve tried a lot of different shampoos and can only count a handful that have made my hair feel soft before using conditioner, and the Ecodetox Shampoo is one of them. It gently gently depollutes the hair and makes it feel clean and soft.

The Ecodetox Conditioner must be left in for a couple of minutes so it can really get to work, and leaves your hair feeling beautifully nourished.

The only improvement I could think of for this duo is that I would have loved a more calming scent to it (like lavender) to help soothe that stress away.

EX Hair Ecodetox Ecodetoxer

EX hair ecodetoxer

Ecodetoxer is a thick, creamy leave-in repair treatment that’s applied to towel dried hair.

I find one pump is enough for my fine hair to feel conditioned and hydrated as promised, without weighing it down.

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EX haircare oommph

If you hadn’t guessed already, the Oommph range is designed to create big, bouncy hair with a bit o’ oomph.

Key Ingredients

  • Davidson plum – adds volume, softness and keeps hair manageable
  • Green and white tea – strengthens hair and prevents split ends
  • Macadamia nut oil – UV radiation protection, softens, lightweight
  • Wattle seed – moisturising, nutritional and regenerating effects

EX Hair Oommph Shampoo & Conditioner

EX hair oommph

The Oommph Shampoo and Oommph Conditioner have uplifting citrus scents to wake up your follicles and get them ready for a boost.

This shampoo also leaving my hair feeling hydrated, however the conditioner leaves a slight waxy feeling on your hair once you’ve rinsed it out, which must be due to one of the unique native ingredients.

I’ve used a few volumising shampoo and conditioners before and have never noticed volume from any of them alone, this one included. However, this is not what they’re designed to do.

The purpose of volumising shampoo and conditioners are to cleanse and condition your hair with lightweight ingredients to give you the best start possible for body building. The real work comes from the styling products, and where these two come in…

EX Hair Ommph Volumising Spray & Leave n Treat

Ex hair oommph spray treatment

EX Hair Oommph Spray

Oommph Spray creates serious lift to fine, limp hair like mine. This may sound weird, but I really like the spray bottle; it’s good quality and mists a generous amount of the product over your hair.

The first time I used this I used too much and sprayed it on the ends – disobeying the instructions to spray your roots and comb it through. This made my hair feel and look dry, like when you go a bit cray cray with hairspray.

The second time I used the product, I used about 5 sprays on my roots, combed it through and then rough dried my hair. This created an awesome result of mega volume with medium hold, although my hair was a bit frizzy and craving a smoothing agent. This is where Leave n Treat comes in…

EX Hair Leave n Treat

Despite it being part of the Oommph range, Leave n Treat isn’t meant to create volume. The aim of this product is to injecting moisture and proteins into your hair without weighing it down, which it really delivered on as my hair was left feeling conditioned and nourished. It also dramatically reduced frizz, making my locks look healthier as well as feel healthier.

I found that you get okay results using the Oommph Spray and Leave n Treat separately, but when the two are combined they create a fantastic result of soft, smooth and bouncy locks…

Ex haircare oommph review

Whatdaya think? Will you be supporting Perth’s newest hair care range by trying any of their products?

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