REVIEW: Nak High Volume

Bounce, texture and heat protection in one spray

For all my fine haired sisters out there, you’ll know body building is a bit of a dilemma.

Some products feel like hairspray once dry, others are heavy creams that just counteract your whole mission, and some fail with freshly washed hair and need a good sleep to kick in.

This is why I’ve found a real hero in Nak’s High Volume spray.

nak high volume spray

I’m already a big fan of Nak for their Repl.Ends Moisturiser and Aromas Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner.

Another product they have nailed is High Volume, which has a sulphate and paraben free formula that gives you:

  • Lightweight, flexible bounce
  • Instant root lift
  • Texture
  • Heat protection

How to use Nak High Volume

Before blowdrying your hair, spray it wherever you want volume and work it through with your fingers. Then all you need to do is rough dry it, using your fingers to lift your hair away from your scalp and brushing the right side of your hair over your parting, and vice versa.

nak high volume spray review

This was my result…

nak high volume review

As you can see, there’s a fair ol’ boost there and my hair would normally be slicked to my scalp. I was so impressed I took a few selfies as I knew I had to tell you about this product.

As a fine haired female I’ve tried my fair share of volumising products, and this one is definitely a stand out as it doesn’t feel like you have any product in your hair.

The only downside to High Volume and Nak in general, is that they’re really hard to find outside of Australia! So for all my British and American readers, you may be able to find Nak High Volume and their other products on eBay. As for my Aussie audience, you can find your nearest stockist on Nak’s website.

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