How to do easy zombie make-up

Learning DIY zombie make-up at Laneway Learning Perth

Have you ever watched shows like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones and been fascinated, yet bloody terrified, by the gruesome make-up?

I have, and the make-up artists’ handy work is one of the reasons I didn’t survive Series 4 of The Walking Dead.

So when I was invited to the zombie make-up masterclass held by Laneway Learning, I had to give it a go to get an insight on how they turn normal people into creatures that kept me from using the bathroom during the night for two weeks. True story.

Before we get started, Laneway Learning are an organisation that hold super cheap and informal classes on a variety of topics including beauty, fitness and wellbeing.

They’re already in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Singapore, Auckland and now they’ve come to Perth. This class was Perth’s first one, and it was kicked off by Taylor Bartels, a face and body painter and founder of Little Masterpieces (check out her Instagram, her work is awesome!)

The classes are held at The Belasyse in Perth’s CBD, who have $2 tacos on Tuesdays (you can’t even buy a Mars bar for $2 in Perth!). So once we’d ordered, grabbed a wine and sat down, Taylor got us started.

laneway learning perth zombie makeup

little masterpieces makeup perth

We were told to bring dark eyeshadow, and as someone who rarely wears eyeshadow I had a new Chi Chi Smokey’s palette to test out.

chi chi smokeys eyeshadow

laneway learning perth

1. Taylor taught us to hollow out the contours of our face with a dark brown eyeshadow. We started with our cheekbones, then did the sides of our noses.

zombie makeup tutorial

2. We then did our temples and our eye sockets.

simple zombie makeup

3. Next we went over our shading with either a darker brown or a black (I used black because my darker brown was glittery and therefore very un-zombie of me). I was really impressed with Chi Chi’s eye colours as they were well pigmented and really buildable, which was perfect for something like this!

4. Then we used the white face paint provided to highlight our cheekbones, brow bones and forehead.

how to do zombie makeup

5. Next came the fun part: bruises and blood. Taylor had this awesome ‘bruise wheel’ palette made of yellow, green, blue, purple and red creams. We dabbed these on with our sponges and fingers to create bruised and mouldy patches. I got too excited and messed this up, so my bruise quickly became a big red smear on my forehead.

6. Then we went back to the black eyeshadow to draw on teeth lines over our lips.

7. This was followed by dabbing black or red all over our mouths as the base for our gory gobs.

easy zombie makeup tutorial

8. Next it was time for the nashers. Using thick white face paint, you simply hold the paint brush down and press it onto your lips to create a tooth shape. Mine were a bit fat, so I was quite a goofy zombie in the end.

9. Finally, you get a lot of watery red face paint dot it on parts of your face so that it trickles down. You also flick the bristles of the brush at your mouth to create the effect of splattered blood. This is a lot harder that what it sounds, and a lot of class (myself included) got red over everything but their lips.

easy zombie makeup

This class was really fun and so interesting to see how simple things are in principle, but how much practise they take to make perfect.

I love learning new skills (even if they will only come in handy once a year on 31st October!), so I think the Laneway Learning classes are a great thing to come to Perth.

If you want to see what classes are coming up or want to teach a class yourself, check out the Laneway Learning website.

Roll on Halloween!


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