Fallen Angel Beauty, Yokine

Fast, friendly and fuss-free service that leaves you fuzz-free

Here’s a fun fact for you: more women have seen my downstairs than men.

This is for two reasons:

  1. I’m basically a nun when I’m single because unless you look like a Calvin Klein model, no deal
  2. I’ve been to a fair few waxing salons over the past 4 years

Yep, I ditched the razor and epilator years ago and now only get my bikini area waxed – hey, we’re all friends here – and I was invited to try out Perth’s newest waxing salon, Fallen Angel Beauty.

Fallen Angel Beauty Perth

Perth brazillian wax

Fallen Angel Beauty is located in Yokine (just north of the Perth CBD), and was opened by Meaghan Bracegirdle one month ago. While her salon may be new, she’s had plenty of practise over the years and has built up a loyal client base of both men and women for her super speedy and virtually pain free waxing technique.

perth waxing salon

So 48 hours after receiving her invite, I was laying in her salon baring all. But the weirdest part was, it wasn’t weird at all.

I felt more comfortable with Meaghan than what I did with my regular technician back in England. She is so blasé about the whole thing and chats away with you while she cracks on (no pun intended).

Not only did I feel at ease, Meaghan is so quick! She uses Mancine hot wax, a fast drying wax ideal for sensitive skin, which combined with her technique means she has you in and out in 20 minutes with hardly any pain at all.

If you also love a good Braz, I highly recommend Fallen Angel Beauty as her service is fantastic, and her prices are cheaper than a lot of other waxing salons in Perth. A full Brazilian will cost you $50, as opposed to other salons in Perth that charge up to $90. Plus if you’re a student, she’ll give you a good deal.

Check out Fallen Angel Beauty’s Facebook page to see her prices, offers and opening times.

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