REVIEW: Nucerity Skincerity

The strangest skincare product I’ve ever used

“Don’t make me laugh… I said don’t make me laugh!” I told my innocent and wide-eyed boyfriend as I got into bed fanning my face and trying not to giggle.

“What the hell are you using now?” was his fair reply, as he saw a shiny film encasing my face.

I was trialling Skincerity, a skincare product by Nucerity and the world’s only breathable masque clinically proven to improve the health of your skin, thanks to their patented Breathable Barrier® technology.

I was given the opportunity to try Skincerity by Nikki, an Independent Nucerity Distributor who raved about all the benefits of Skincerity, and showed me some impressive before and after shots to back up her claims and the five star reviews.

Although Skincerity doesn’t claim to cure any skin conditions, the brand are seeing incredible results from their customers with acne, eczema, dermatitis, scarring, stretch marks and many more (just Google ‘Skincerity hands‘ and you’ll see how powerful it is).

Skincerity Review

Nucerity Skincerity

How do you use Skincerity?

My skin was already looking pretty good from using Pellelucent, but I thought I’d give it a go as customers had said it got rid of milia (milk spots), and I have a few fat ones under my eyes I wanted gone.

So for five weeks I rolled the formula over my entire face every night, and also over a scar on my leg from a mole biopsy.

The first time I used it I was overwhelmed by the strong smell of acetone in the product and it made me cough a few times while applying it. Before you say what the f… yes, this product contains acetone, but we’ll get to that later.

The masque dries in seconds and starts to feel fairly tight, but it’s not overly uncomfortable. I was dreading it would come off all over my pillow during the night, but it stayed put and the patch on my leg even resisted showers, so I’d go to work oblivious to my peeling shin!

When you do peel it off in the morning it comes off like cling film. It comes off in small bits, so you have to wash most of it off, but the OCD in me loves to pick and peel things, so I’d always try and get most of it off before polishing it away with warm water and a muslin cloth.

Nucerity Skincerity review

My results

After a couple of weeks I broke out, and got spots in places I don’t normally have them. Nikki assured me this was totally normal and Skincerity basically bringing all the crap to the surface and it should die down.

After three more weeks I was still breaking out, redness appeared on my cheeks and chin, and my milia was still alive and kicking – although Skincerity can take up to three months to help skin conditions like this.

Skincerity before and after

As I didn’t get the healthy, glowing complexion most others did, I decided Skincerity wasn’t best for my face. On the other hand (well, leg), the scar on my shin has dramatically faded. Before I had a deep, purple blob, and now it’s more smooth and tan coloured, so I’ve carried on using it on just my leg.

Skincerity before and after scar

I’ve never used any product like Skincerity. It’s incredibly unique and the results for some people are fascinating, so I just had to ask Nikki a few more questions…

How does Skincerity work?

Skincerity acts as a second skin to protect We know that dehydrated skin amplifies ageing and skin conditions. Skincerity promises to help fight ageing by keeping the skin incredibly hydrated overnight. During our sleep we loose up to 60% of hydration from our skin – a fancy word for this is Transepidermal water loss (dehydration). 

Skincerity has a drawing effect on the skin. The masque is applied and fills in any wrinkles, scarring or imperfections on the skin. The film tricks the body’s signalling system to think that our own skin is “perfect” and “intact”, which triggers the body to push hydration to the surface.

Can you explain the Breathable Barrier technology?

Skincerity’s key formulation component is the patented Breathable Barrier, which enables vital oxygen to the skin while the skin is covered. Breathable Barrier has micro porous  breathing holes that ensure the skin will heal in a healthy environment.

Developed with over 5 million dollars of funding, the Breathable Barrier enables Skincerity to stay on the skin for hours not minutes. Skin requires oxygen to be healthy and the Breathable Barrier permits this.

Why does it contain acetone?

Ok, a lot of people ask this question, but I did my research on this before I started at Nucerity. Acetone, by nature, wants to be gas, so as soon as the roller ball is dispensed the acetone evaporates and punctures small micro porous holes in the mask that allow the skin to breathe, which makes it really unique. Acetone kills any bacteria on the skin, which is why Skincerity is perfect for acne sufferers.

In the human body, acetone is known as a keytone body. Mothers produce acetone in breast milk, and it’s found in green apples and vegetables too. 

Skincerity has zero toxicology and is safe to use on all skin types.

Can you tell us any standout results you’ve heard of?

As the masque prevents hydration escaping, the body goes into repair mode, which is why any debris that is under the skin is pushed to the surface. I know someone who had a accident a few years back and within a month of rolling Skincerity she noticed glass shards had surfaced, which were embedded in her skin. That’s how powerful this is!

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