Lipstick of the Month: Red Lizard

A racy red to keep up with a fast paced lifestyle

Lipstick of the month is pretty late this time as I’ve been so busy/excited/stressed because my boyfriend and I have just finished building our first home, and we’re moving in two weeks!

So if I go into hibernation you now know it’s because I’m shopping for hoovers and bins etc, rather than the next hot new thang on the beauty shelves.

Because of this busy time, I need an autumn coloured lippy that can keep up with me and I’ve found that in Nars’ Semi Matte Lipstick in Red Lizard.

Nars Red Lizard lipstci

I’ve briefly mentioned this lipstick on Primping Perth before in my 3 of the best red lipsticks post, where I found my love affair with it after a champagne fuelled night out. If you missed it, let’s recap on that shameful moment…

Nars’ Semi Matt Lipsticks are incredibly long lasting and I know this because I fell asleep with it on after one too many champagnes and woke up with it looking pretty damn good! However, it’s not transfer proof and will come off on your glass, straw and in my case, pillow.

Another perk is that the highly pigmented shade of Red Lizard is packed with Nars’ patented blend of conditioners and antioxidants. So my lips were kept hydrated, nourished and protected, while they should have been shrivelling up from the naughty grapes.

Despite these nourishing ingredients, it still has a matte finish.

Nars Red Lizard satin lipstick review

The only con is that it looks different to its swatch online. While it’s still a dark red, it’s more vibrant than the oxblood shade it shows on the Nars website, and the swatch of Shanghai Express is more accurate to what it look likes on your lips.

This was my first ever Nars lipstick, and once I’m done buying furniture and appliances, another shade will be top of my shopping list!

nars red lizard lipstick

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