REVIEW: Pellelucent Age-Management Lotion

The moisturiser that did something to my skin no other has done before

I feel a bit sorry for my skin.

As a beauty blogger, I do put it through its paces by slathering on a new cleanser or cream to try every other month. And as my skin is a fussy cow, this can cause it to break out, dry up, or it can get so angry with me it inflames my face.

However, every now and then I find a product that it just adores, and its current saviour is the Pellelucent Age-Management Lotion.

Pellelucent Age Management Lotion

Who are Pellelucent?

Pellelucent are a fairly new skincare brand made in Australia that promise to give you radiant skin – “Pelle” is Italian for “skin” and “lucent” is English for “glowing”.

They only have two products: their Age-Management Lotion and their Age-Management Cream. The difference? The lotion is simply lighter than the cream.

While their Age-Management Lotion is light in formula, it’s heavy in nutrients. Ingredients include a range of anti-oxidants, essential vitamins and Australian organic botanicals such as a Tasmanian seaweed extract and Kakadu Plum – the world’s highest natural source of Vitamin C. I know!

Pellelucent Age Management Lotion review

The Result

First of all, I want to take a moment to praise the plush packaging – this is the poshest looking product I’ve ever had on my bathroom shelf!

The pump only dispenses a small amount, which is great as I hate it when I get given far too much in one go and end up wasting it. I use three pumps for my face and neck twice a day.

The lotion is lightweight, non-greasy and my skin greedily drinks it in. It’s also fragrance free, and while I prefer scented products, this is ideal for those who are sensitive to perfumes.

I don’t have wrinkles yet (thankfully) so I can’t comment on how well it fades lines, but within three weeks of using Pellelucent my redness disappeared and my skin looked even, dewy and happy. Result!

The image on the left shows my skin before using Pellelucent (soz about the crap lighting and cheeky pimple). You can just about see the redness on my cheeks and chin, but trust me, it was far more noticeable in the flesh. My after shot on the right shows a more even and healthy complexion…

Pellelucent review

However, little did I know it was doing far more beneath the surface…

I have dry skin and every time I get my face wet it feels really tight… from water. WATER! I’ve told it to man up several times, but it’s too much of a princess. Don’t even get me started on sea water.

Thankfully it has now found a knight in shining armour, because since I’ve been using the Pellelucent Age-Management Lotion my skin no longer gets tight after I’ve showered. This. Never. Happens!

My skin usually tightens its grip on my face until I indulge it with moisturiser. Now it feels the most comfortable it has ever felt and sometimes I can’t remember if I’ve moisturised or not.

For this reason it gets a major thumbs up from me. So if your skin is crying out for moisture, try Pellelucent and let it live hydrated ever after.

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