Lipstick of the Month: Adoring Love

 The ideal name for a loveable new lipstick range

When Avon directly compare their new lipsticks to MAC’s, you know they mean business.

If you saw my UK Beauty Haul earlier this week, you’ll have seen I bought a couple of Avon’s new Perfectly Matte Lipsticks, which they claim to be “more matte than MAC.”

Unlike a lot of beauty bloggers who have a rainbow of MAC lipsticks, I only have three as I find them quite drying on my lips (maybe I’m using the wrong type or I’m just odd).

Avon also have a great rep for their lipsticks, so when I saw their newbies on offer for just £5 a pop (RRP: £8), I thought why bloody not?

One of the two shades I bought is Adoring Love, a gorgeous bright pink that’s welcomed to the party all year round.

Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick review

Adoring Love’s formula is incredibly high in pigment and glides on like butter, so I recommend using a lip liner or you could glide all over your face. It’s also a bit wet when first applied, so I blot it with tissue to keep it in place.

One of my first thoughts were that these lipsticks remind me more of Nars than MAC because of their velvet soft formulas and high quality rubbery packaging.

Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick Adoring Love

As for the matte-ness, I’m not a fan of shiny lipsticks so I was happy to discover that this Perfectly Matte lipstick is just that – not a sheen, shimmer or shine in sight.

I wore Adoring Love for about four hours before I needed a top up, which is better than some lipsticks I own. During this time I guzzled water from a bottle, sipped tea and ate and apple, and, my lips felt so comfortable I forgot I was wearing it.

Avon perfectly matte lipstick adoring love

The only issue I have with this lipstick is that when I went to top it up, I noticed that it had cracked despite Avon promising that it “never cracks or cakes”. When it does this, it’s game over and you have to wipe it off and apply a fresh coat to get rid of these flakes of colour, you can’t simply slick over more lippy.

At the moment you can only buy Avon’s Perfectly Matte lipsticks from Avon UK and Avon America (but in only 12 shades). So Aussies keep your eyes peeled because great and affordable lipsticks are coming your way.

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