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The Aussie shampoo not sold in Australia, Garnier’s new Micellar Water and the Avon lipsticks challenging MAC…

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been back in the UK for my brother’s wedding and some well needed R&R.

I’m usually glued to a screen all week, either at my full time job, on my phone, freelancing or blogging. But on this trip I barely used my phone, only posted on Instagram once, and opened my Macbook twice. It was heaven!

Instead, I went for (rainy) walks, caught up with family and friends over pub dinners, and had proper Sundays made of roast dinners, naps and watching crap on TV – a blissful change to my usual 10 hour typing binge.

I also shopped. A lot. And came back with a few new threads and a decent amount of beauty products I can’t wait to show you! So here they are…

British beauty products

Liz Earle Australia

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

Come on, you knew this would happen.

I bang on about Liz Earle on this blog a lot, so buying Cleanse and Polish was an obvious one.

As a beauty blogger I’m always trying out different skincare products, and when my skin doesn’t fancy one of them and throws a strop, I put it back on Liz Earle to give it a gentle hug, a soft pat and a soothing ‘there, there’.

You can get Liz Earle delivered in Australia, but it costs a whopping $30! I usually order with a couple of girlfriends and we split the cost.

Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion

Because Mondays.

And jetlag.

And hangovers.

Eyebright helps me wake up my tired peepers, by refreshing and revitalising my eyes with its non-oily natural ingredients. The cooling formula makes my eyes feel instantly more awake, helping me drag my sleeping head out of bed.

I bought my two Liz Earle products in their Radiance Gift Set exclusive to Boots.

Matrix Biolage Advanced Fibrestrong Bamboo Hair Masque

When I lived in England, I bought a lot of my products from Fragrance Direct, a site that stocks both current and discontinued beauty products at discounted prices.

When I got home and browsed their site, I found a tonne of Matrix products cheaper than anywhere else I’d seen them, including their Advanced Fibrestrong Bamboo treatment.

Matrix promises the Fibrestrong Masque will intensely reinforce and reconstruct weak, damaged and fragile hair, plus the Bamboo Extract will deeply moisturise.

I slick on a hair treatment every Saturday and can’t wait to give it a try!

New Garnier Micellar Water

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus in Ruby Clarity

Bit of an impulse buy, but I also popped this nail polish into my Fragrance Direct basket because it was just 99p!

Since I’ve been off work, I’ve quit nail biting and have managed to grow my nails to a decent length. After the trauma I usually put them though, my nails need some TLC more than colour.

Sally Hansen’s Maximum Growth Plus polishes hydrate, condition and add protein, while giving you colour. The only shade they had left was Ruby Clarity, a lush cherry red hue so that was fine by me!

Essie Nail Polish in Spin the Bottle & Imported Bubbly

My final Fragrance Direct purchases because they sell Essie nail polishes for just £3 (about $6)!

They stock both current and discontinued shades, and I grabbed 3 bottles of Imported Bubbly (a metallic champagne colour) and Spin the Bottle (a pale pink colour). Sadly I think both shades are discontinued, but if they’re not, let me know where I can grab them!

Garnier Micellar Water for Combination & Sensitive Skin

If you have combination or sensitive skin, rejoice! Garnier have bought out a Micellar water just for you.

I have sensitive skin so I grabbed one, but I can’t I tell the difference between this and the original one as my skin likes the regular Micellar Water, so maybe it’s for super delicate skin.

Keep your eyes peeled for its release in Australia!

Aussie haircare australia

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner


Why would you?

Gross words aside, I find it even more outrageous that the Aussie haircare range isn’t sold in Australia!

This duo is enriched with Australian macadamia nut oil, which will keep my hair hydrated and smooth this winter.

I love that the shampoo is slightly bigger than the conditioner, as I wash my hair twice so I always have a bit of conditioner left once I’ve used up my shampoo.

Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish in Kensington High Street

As well as shopping for new products, when I head to the UK I like to grab some old favourites too.

I had this Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish sitting in my old room, and threw it in my suitcase because the deep purple colour is perfect for winter and I finally have nails long enough to handle this colour.

Nails Inc say the result is meant to have a gel-like finish. I agree that it is smooth like gel, but it’s not as thick or as hard as a proper gel-mani. Still, it stays on well so it’s worth a go.
Beauty Haul Avon

Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Adoring Love & Wild Cherry

My mum is an Avon rep and one of the little things I miss from home is flicking through the mags with her. So when I got my hands on one I saw the brand new Perfectly Matte lipsticks from Avon that claim to be ‘more matte than MAC’.

I find MAC lipsticks quite drying, so I’m keen to give these a try to see if they keep my lips more nourished. I bought a deep berry shade called Wild Cherry, and a petal pink shade called Adoring Love.

If they’re champions, I’ll be sure to let you know.


Avon French Manicure Tip Polish

Now that I’ve got a bit of length on my nails, I’m going to try giving myself my first ever French manicure.

Oh God, I hear you say. I know this takes a lot of skill and practise, so I bought Avon’s French Manicure tip polish, as it come with 36 stick on guides so I should nail that perfect white tip (see what I did there?).

Avon Freeze Dry Nail Spray

I’m a girl on go and can’t stand sitting still, so when I paint my nails I need the polish to dry asap because if I’m not typing away, I’ll always get up and just start doing shit.

Avon’s Freeze Dry Spray is a good setting spray, making nail polish touch dry in a couple of minutes. However it does leave your nails and hands a bit greasy, so go easy on it.

Avon Corrector Pen

This nail remover pen is great and I’m surprised more brands haven’t followed suit with their own version.

Avon’s Corrector Pen has a curved pointed tip that can get really close to your nails and down the sides, unlike a rounded cotton bud.

It does have a couple of drawbacks though:

  • The pure white tip stains from the first use, so you have to clean it with nail varnish remover from time to time.
  • It can smear the polish on your fingers and leave marks, so use a cotton bud if you’ve made a real mess, then the pen for those little bits really close to your nail.
  • I’ve bought one of these before and the pointed tip goes a bit soft and fluffy after a fair bit of use, but this time I’m going to try cutting it to see if that gives it a clean edge again.

This haul should keep cure my UK beauty craving for a few months. If I’d been to London I would have also hunted down Nails Inc’s Spray Polish and gone crazy at Kiko, which are a great Italian cosmetics brand that aren’t in Australia yet.

Do you buy products abroad? Or do you have any favourite brands you’d love to see in Australia?

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