REVIEW: Wella EIMI hair care range

Wella’s latest range has given the brand a new found existence

When browsing the hair care isle I’ve never really been temped by Wella products. I’ve always associated the 136 year old brand (I know!) with old fashioned, strong smelling products, and no one really spoke about them, until now.

Over recent years Wella have managed to turn themselves younger. Now they have a tonne of modern, chic, high quality products on the shelves and in salons all around the world, including their latest EIMI range.

EIMI comes from a Greek word meaning exist, and here’s why their hair care range made me sit up and acknowledge their presence…

Wella EIMI haircare range review

Wella Elements Renewing Shampoo & Conditioner

Wella Elements Renewing Shampoo & Conditioner

I really, really like the Wella Elements Renewing Shampoo and Conditioner for a lot of reasons:

  • They make your hair look and feel fresh and revitalised
  • The lightweight formulas don’t weigh your hair down
  • They contain zero parabens (cheap preserving chemicals that can cause skin problems)
  • They contain lovely natural extracts instead.
  • They also have a subtle fruity smell that reminds me of a peach yoghurt I used to inhale as a kid!
  • They reduce frizz and leave your hair with a beautiful sheen

The duo are perfect if you have dry locks that need a little health kick!

Once I’ve washed my hair I usually need to apply a good smoothing agent both before and after I’ve dried my hair, but I only need two pumps of Wella EIMI’s Pefrect Me and I’m good to go…

Wella EIMI Perfect Me

Wella EIMI perfect me

Perfect Me is a lightweight BB cream for your hair that instantly eliminates frizz and keeps it that way.

But beneath the surface it’s doing far more than holding your flyaways down.

In just a couple of pumps, Wella’s Perfect Me will also repair, moisturise and protect your hair from styling tools.

I also love that you can apply it to damp or dry hair.

Looks like my hair’s BFF has some competition!

Wella EIMI Root Shoot

Wella EIMI Root Shoot

If all this smoothness is making your hair fall flat, get your mitts on Root Shoot.

Root Shoot is one of my favourite products from Wella’s EIMI range because it’s made me realise how brilliant hair mousses can be.

I’ve not used a hair mousse since I was fourteen and used to scrunch my hair into crispy curls on a daily basis. If the look doesn’t sound vile enough, this also dramatically dried my hair out. I don’t know WTF I was thinking.

Once  I’d got over this horrific flashback, I squirted the foam into my hand and applied it to my roots. I then rough dried it and was amazed at how big and bouncy my hair was, especially as I’d not even tried to create volume by giving myself a proper blow dry:Wella Root Shoot review

This volume stayed in my hair until I washed it 3 days later, and it didn’t feel like I had an ounce of product on my roots, unlike other mousses that feel like hairspray.

Awesome product!

Wella EIMI Sugar Lift

Wella WIMI Sugar Lift

This volume and texture spray is infused with real sugar to provide grip, lift and shine.

You can apply the sweet smelling spray to damp or dry hair. I mist it over dry hair to get a messy, textured look, but the hold is fairly strong, so go easy on it and aim it quite far from your hair.

Unlike the other EIMI products I tried, you can actually feel this product in your hair as it can go a bit hard.

Sugar Lift is basically a sea salt spray mixed with a hairspray, so if you like beachy waves or a glam punk textured style, this will be your BFF. I also think guys will like it to finish off their style and keep it in place.

Wella EIMI Shimmer Delight

Wella EIMI Shimmer Delight

Shimmer Delight is exactly that; a delightful little bottle of shine for your hair.

If you’re after a good shine spray, Shimmer Delight’s lightweight spray will give you a gorgeous gloss to finish your look.

It also protects your hair from UV damage, which is perfect for us gals in the Perth sun.

Plus it smells like watermelons, what more could you want?

Wella EIMI Dry Me

Wella EIMI Dry Me

If you’re a girl on the go like me, dry shampoo is your hero.

Wella’s Dry Me blast away grease without leaving it feeling clogged or chalky. I also find a little goes a long way, as opposed to other formulas that need a lot to work.

Wella EIMI Flexible Finish Hairspray

Wella EIMI Flexible Finish

Finish your style with Flexible Finish, a light non-aerosol hairspray.

If you want a hairspray that locks your locks into place, this isn’t the one for you. Instead Flexible Finish is just that: flexible, so you can move and manipulate your style after you’ve spritzed it on.

It’s also non-sticky and brushes out easily for a more natural hold.

To get your hands on Wella’s EIMI range, head over to, an online beauty destination that offers price matching, free samples with every order, and fast delivery both in Australia and worldwide.

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