8 Chic and cheap flat lay props from K Mart

Pretty up your pictures without breaking the bank

Lets talk about flat lays. A flat lay photo is basically the new hip way of taking a photo, or in my boyfriend’s words, “blogger speak for taking a photo of a load of shit on the ground”. They have been sweeping over every goddam Instagram account over the past year because, let’s face it, we love them!

The bright lighting, white space and little details just seem to rack up people’s social status. Even though rings, pom poms and watches have absolutely fuck all to do with a skincare product or a lipstick, we chuck them in because they look good and fill white space.

When I relaunched this blog with the new theme a few months ago, I fell victim to this trend big time because I prefer the clean, minimalist and modern look over my past nature/outdoorsy beauty shots – and it also means I don’t have to leave my living room and can shoot my products in my pjs.

So to get me a ticket on this bandwagon, I needed to buy a load of cheap space filling accessories, and I knew K Mart was the place to go.

K Mart have ridiculously cheap yet brilliant quality home accessories that are always on trend – if you’re a marble, concrete or geometric fan, get your trendy little tush down there asap!

Here are most of the awesome, pointless props I’ve bought over the past few weeks to pretty up my pictures…

k mart home decor blogging

1. Woven Willow Heart, $4

2. Marble Coasters, $6

3. Round Marble Tray, $9

4. Vanilla and Jasmine Candle, $3

5. Fake Hydrangea, $3

6. Marble Cross, $9

7. Grid Pink and White Placemat, $2

8. Geometric Black and White Placemat, $2

I’ve also raided Lovisa for a tonne of cheap rings, the odd necklace and, of course, a pom pom!

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