Make-up Masterclass with Martha Mok

Discovering the secrets behind Asian make-up artistry

Unlike a lot of beauty bloggers out there, I’m no make-up artist. But while I’ve never studied cosmetics, I’ve always loved learning tips and tricks to achieve this look and create that effect, which is why I jumped at the opportunity to attend Martha Mok’s Make-up Masterclass last Saturday night.

Martha Mok, owner of Martha Mok Make-up Academy, is a highly sought after make-up artist from Sydney who specialises in Asian brides. Her skills have won her several awards and given her name ‘The Queen of Speed’.

She also all-round lovely lady, who is happy to answer any and all questions because her soul goal is to “help women feel good, be confident and understand themselves.”

So let’s get down to beauty talk, starting by meeting our lovely young model, Anika

martha mok in perth

After Martha prepped and primed her skin, we thought the cosmetics would come next, but there was another step before make-up came into play: eyelid lifting.

Eyelid lifting

Call it crazy, but this is a technique many Asian women practise to create a deeper crease and lift the eyelid so that it doesn’t fall too heavy on their lash line. Martha cut a small strip of medical tap and placed it at the crease of the eyelid.

how to lift eyelids

This acts as a kind of barrier to stop the eyelid sinking too far back.

The image below shows a thin amount of tape of her right eye, and thicker tape on her left eye to give more lift and a deeper crease. Can you see the difference?

medical tape on eyelids

Then it was onto make-up! Martha taught us contouring tricks on the jawline, how to plump up the lips using a brow pencil, the best way to apply false lashes (put a good blob of glue of the back of your hand then dip the lashes in – it’s far less faff), and the best way to fill in brows (find the gaps by brushing the hairs backwards first!).

Then another fascinating technique popular with Asian women came along: slimming down the face.

martha mok

false eyelash application

martha mok make-up

Slimming the jawline

It’s ok, no models were harmed in the making of this masterclass. It turns out the secret weapon for creating the perfect jawline involves a 24K gold vibrating T Bar!

The T bar is simply rolled up and down the jawline to massage the face and release any fluid build up, which slims the face. Anika said it tickled!

vibrating golden t bar

The image below shows the left side of Anika’s (the side that has been massaged) is slimmer than her right. How cool is that?!

gold t bar slims face

This also gives us an awesome reason to not freak out if we wake up looking slightly puffy. It’s not the triple cheese pizzas, it’s just facial fluid. Honest.

Once the makeover was complete, our model Anika was left with a gorgeous, glowing natural look…

martha mok make up artist perth

martha mok makeup artist

And no masterclass is complete without a few product recommendations, so here the ones she believe are the best in the bizz…

  • Moisturiser: Garnier Moisture Match for Dry Skin
  • Serum: Artistry Hydra-V
  • Skin booster: NuCerity Pure Rejuvenating Barrier
  • Foundation: Atelier Paris
  • Foundation brush: DMT 418VP-30 Pointed Powder/Foundation/Blush Brush
  • Concealer: Covermark Basic Formula Foundation
  • Contouring/highlighting: Hourglass’ ‘Ambient Lighting Edit’ palette
  • Illuminator: Jill Stuart Luminuance
  • Eyeliner: Maybelline Master Precise
  • Eyeliner brush: AristHD
  • Liquid Lipstick: Le Rouge Beauty

I was fascinated by what Martha taught us and at the extra steps Asian women take to achieve their desired look. Thank you so much Shelley Meyer from Minx Cosmetics for the invite!

What do you think? Have you ever come across any unique techniques or tried any of the recommended products?

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