REVIEW: Nak Repl.ends Leave in Moisturiser

Meet my hair’s new BFF

Do you remember my interview with Naomi Panizza, who revealed the secrets to growing your hair long and strong?

Well she raved about Nak’s Repl.ends Leave in Moisturiser, so of course I bought a tube from her as my beggar locks couldn’t be choosy and ermahgerd I’m glad I did!

Nak Repl.ends Leave in Moisturiser is a light cream suitable for all hair types, even my thin strands (I have some of Naomi Panizza’s kick-ass hair extensions in for thickness at the mo).

You apply a small amount of the lush smelling formula to damp or dry hair. It then gets to work detangling and sealing the cuticles to strengthen and protect your hair from heat damage.

nak repl.ends moisturiser review

I use it once or twice every day: ALWAYS before heat styling and sometimes before bed so it can do its thang overnight.

Nak’s Leave in Moisturiser is one of those products that keeps on giving. Not only does it immediately make your hair smooth, soft and shiny, if used daily your hair will look and feel healthier in just a couple of weeks.

If I wash my hair leave it eau natural, it goes a bit wild. Here’s before using nak…

nak repl.ends leave in moisturiser before and after

and after using nak then straightening…

nak repl.ends review

As well as guarding your hair against heat styling, it also contains  UV protection which is essential for us here in Australia.

Speaking of which, I also love that it’s Australian made and owned, but this makes it difficult for my fellow Brits and US readers to get hold of. Amazon UK or usually have some, but the packaging may vary (the pink packaging pictured is brand new).

When Naomi told me about Nak’s moisturiser, it wasn’t actually the first time I’d heard of it. My good friend/hairdresser blowdries and straightens her hair every single day and she swears by it; and her smooth, shiny locks worthy of a L’Oreal commercial back her up.

So it didn’t come as a surprise when Nak told me it was their bestseller!

I used be scared of straightening my hair every other day, hearing the odd snap and sizzle (even when using a heat protector). I’ve been using this for a few months now, ironing down my unruly strands 3/4 times a week, and my hair looks healthier than the time I ditched the straighteners altogether!

If you want to get your hands on a tube, (I buy mine from Naomi in Perth), search for stockists via Nak’s website, or buy it online here.

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