5 Minutes with Natalie from Acron Threads

What do you do when you’re the ultimate girl-on-the-go? Design clothes to keep up with you, obv!

This time last year, Natalie Morrison was on maternity leave from her HR job dreaming about fitness and fashion. Fast forward 12 months and she’s swapped her office job for designing and selling her own line of luxury active and leisurewear. Oh, and she did all this while being pregnant with daughter number two!

It’s been a pretty crazy year for Nat, so it’s a good thing the businesswoman/fitness lover/fashion enthusiast/yummy mummy has launched a line of apparel that can keep up with girls on the go like her. With the help from her husband (who played professional Australian Rules Football for 12 years and is now a Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor) she launched Acron Threads.

acron threads perth
Natalie (second from left) showcasing her Acron Threads garments

Acron Threads are all about going from studio to street, with fabrics woven with technology to fight bacteria, classic monochrome colours and comfy cuts so you don’t look like one of the Activewear Girls.

I met Nat for the first time back in July when I collaborated with a few other Perth bloggers for boxing photoshoot. Being the absolute babe she is, she loaned us her luxurious threads so that we could kick butt with a very silky butt.

acron threads
Wearing Acron Threads Lucy Tank and Timeless Leggings. Photo: Preciouss2Photo

We didn’t get much time to chat that day, so I caught up with her to find out what she’s been up to, what separates her fitness apparel from the rest, and how she balances business with motherhood…

natalie acron threads
Natalie Morrison, Founder of Acron Threads. Photo: Preciouss2Photo

Hi Nat! Thanks for taking the time out to chat today, let’s start with how and why you launched your business this year…

Thanks for having me! We launched Acron Threads in May this year but I had been doing research since late 2012. It wasn’t until I was made redundant in 2014 that I went full steam ahead with the label. I wanted to do something that I was passionate about, I love fashion and I love health and fitness, so I thought why not combine the two?

You’ve found some awesome technology to include in your clothing, tell us about that…

Yes, I’ve recently started working with one of the most progressive fabric development companies in the world, which is so exciting! The technology in our material enables the fabric to fight bacteria, which significantly reduces the chance of spreading bacterial infections (but not every bacteria on the planet) and kills body odour – you could get away with not washing your clothes! The fabric is also quick drying and most importantly, luxuriously soft!

There are a million fitness brands out there, what separates Acron Threads from the rest?

We are all about versatility! All our garments have a street style with a sport function. This means our entire range is comfortable whilst being versatile, so that when your surroundings change, our clothes adapt.

Our new fabric completes our point of difference as you can now wear the clothes all day without worrying about body odour.

Who is the ‘Acron Threads’ girl?

It’s women like me! I am always on the go, so I need clothes that are very versatile. I go from spending time on the floor with my toddler, to working at my desk, to meeting friends for a coffee, then food shopping, cooking, walking my dog… I just don’t have the time to get changed for each activity, so I need the comfort that sport wear gives along with a street-style.

Sound exhausting! But you still went ahead and started a business, which can seem pretty scary to a lot of people. What has been your most daunting moment?

Finding the right manufacturer has been the most daunting. But also having to wear a lot of hats and not knowing or having experience in certain functions of the business.

So what’s been the biggest learning curve?

Quality is really important, but so is price, which is why I am now focused on bringing the cost down without compromising quality.

Where would you like to see Acron Threads in 5 years’ time?

I’d like to be a household name in Perth for providing quality garments that are versatile.

What advice would you give to those considering starting a business?

Do it! You only live once! Get yourself a mentor, but most importantly follow your gut instinct as it never lets you down.

Good advice! You’ve recently given birth to your second child, congrats! How do you juggle being a businesswoman with motherhood?

Thank you! It can be a bit challenging at times. Being organised and structured is key, I also have a very supportive husband who works from home as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor, but also helps me with the kids and Acron Threads. We work well as a team.

You’re looking awesome, what’s your fitness regime?

I walk most days for around half an hour and then do weights with light Pilates twice a week. I normally work out with my husband in our home studio.

Can you let us in your top beauty tip too?

Wear sun cream every day!

Finally, with Christmas just days away up, name 3 beauty products you’ll forever love finding under tree…

  1. Dove tanning moisturiser (body)
  2. Garnier self-tan milk for face
  3. Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation

This woman rocks! #pregnantgoals…

acron threads natalie
Photo by PreciousS2

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