Lipstick of the Month: Flirt

Let’s get nude! Kind of…

Nude and beige shades are sweeping their way over women’s lips this season. However they can be tricky to get get right, with some shades not matching yours skin tone, many washing you out or showing every crease in your lips, and some bringing back bad memories of when you used put foundation on your lips as a high school teen (or was that just my school?).

I’ve eased into this trend with this lovely shade from Chi Chi Cosmetics that I got from the Bloggers United Perth event. It’s a soft pink/beige shade called Flirt that won’t wash you out. Flirt is from their Liquid Lipstick range, a collection of colours that come in a tube with a wand just like a gloss, but they have all the staying power of a lipstick.

While Chi Chi call it a matte lipstick, it does have a wet finish when you first apply it, but you can dab your finger over it to knock out this shine. It lasts well, particularly when when you blot it with your finger and it doesn’t dry your lips out at all due to the ultra creamy formula and Vitamin E. I’d recommend using a lipliner before as it glides on so smoothly you can easily go over the lines with the flat applicator.

Chi Chi Liquid Lisptick flirt

chi chi liquid lipstick review

It looks quite pink in the tube but comes out a lovely pink/beige shade. It will suit a lot of skin tones and is also a perfect colour for work, not too bold or bright.

Chi chi liquid lipstick flirt review

This was my first time trying Chi Chi’s make-up. Have you ever tried their cosmetics? What did you think?

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