Backstage Beauty: Steph Audino & Ae’lkemi at #TPFF2015

You’ve never seen hair gel applied like this before…

When I was about 13 years old and had no concept of style, I used to scrape my hair back into a ponytail and then apply gel or a shit load of hairspray. I have no idea what possessed me to follow this trend that had slicked its way over most of the girls’ scalps in our school, but I did, and since scrubbing the layer of cheap silicone out of my hair for the final time 12 years ago, I’ve never touched it since.

So you can imagine my surprise I went backstage at the Steph Audino show and saw the L’Oreal Professional team combing back the models’ hair and literally painting hair gel onto the roots. Clearly I was ahead of my time and they were going to whip out some sparkly purple hair ties any minute.

Okay that last part didn’t happen; instead their hair was left tumbling down their backs in soft waves. The end result was gorgeous, and I wish my hair was long and thick enough to give this look a go.

The models for Ae’lkemi were the opposite with full fringes, which gave the look a real 70s vibe. Most models didn’t have a fringe, but this was soon fixed with trusty clip in extensions.

Moving onto make-up, the smoky eyes were more glamorous than the sultry blacked out lids of WA Designer Runway 1. This time there were tones of white and grey blended and layered onto the charcoal flicks. Cheekbones were contoured and lips were left nude. The end result was simply stunning…

Backstage perth fashion festival

Steph audino backstage tpff2015

hair steph audino model

hair steph audino tpff15

make up perth fashion festival backstage

make up perth fashion festival

steph audino model tpff 2015

ae'lkemi backstage hair tpff

ae'lkemi perth fashion festival

steph audino tpff15

Image: Shirin Carter

steph audino hair fashion festival

Image: Shirin Carter

steph audino

Image: Grace Robinson Photography

ae'lkemi 2

Image: Grace Robinson Photography

ae'lkemi dress

Image: Shirin Carter


Image: Grace Robinson Photography

Steph Audino’s collection was my favourite of Telstra Perth Fashion Festival. Her beautifully designed dresses are breathtaking, and complimented the festival’s glamorous closing night.

Thanks to Grace Robinson and Shirin Carter for capturing these gorgeous designs and letting me use your photos. You’ve saved my butt as my poor ickle camera couldn’t cope with the space between the end of the runway and the media pit. Note to self: buy zoom lens for next year!

And big thanks to L’Oreal Professional and DGPR for letting me spy on the hair and make-up. It’s been an awesome festival, and I hope my Backstage Beauty posts have given you a different insight to the shows. Here’s to next year!

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