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The CEO of Pure Glow Cleanse explains why detoxing is the most important spring clean you can do

Spring has arrived and you’ve either already done a bit of spring cleaning, or (like me) you’ve looked at your mountains of crap and thought: ‘I really need to do something about that soon’. But have you ever cleared out the rubbish in your body and felt clean on the inside?

A couple of months ago I quit food for three days and replaced my diet of salad, soups and stir-fries with just six cold-pressed juices a day. This was to review Pure Glow Cleanse, a Perth-based juice cleansing company who create yummy cold-pressed juices to be drank in a specific order for 1, 3 or 5 days depending on your plan.

Cold-pressed juice detoxes are becoming an extremely popular way to banish bloating, boost energy levels and to just look and feel better. Pure Glow Cleanse are going from strength to strength and have recently updated their packaging and introduced new seasonal flavours. I caught up with CEO Jacqueline Forth to find out more about cleansing, business, and of course, beauty!

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On cleansing…

Hi Jacqueline! Spring is finally here! Can you tell us why cleansing our body is more important than any other clean we could do this season?

Detoxing is so important as the months and seasons change. It gives our bodies an opportunity to rest and more importantly, our minds a chance to reset. We humans are meant to grow and evolve and I personally find that cleansing regularly and letting my body slow down opens up clarity that I never knew I had. It allows for leaps to happen in my inner world that then happen in my outer world: realisations, new ideas, shifts from old patterns that were keeping me stuck. It all happens and life starts to fit together when you take a moment to step back. Spring is the perfect time to detox and embrace the new and unknown!

How are cold pressed juices different and more beneficial than smoothies or regular juices?

Cold-pressed juice is my “cheat” for effortlessly living a healthy life – honestly! There are Instagram accounts dedicated to being healthy and all the recipes you can follow, which are great, but it wasn’t until I started to integrate cold-pressed juice into my life that everything else fell into place. I found the energy and creativity to try new recipes, and taking the stairs started making me feel happy! Plus having treats became just that – a treat – and not a habit.

Cold-pressed juice does this because it’s devoid of fibre which means the nutrients are easily and quickly absorbed into the body.  Fibre is amazing and essential, but in the world of juice the benefits come from the lack of fibre. The cold-pressed process also ensures that what you are drinking is super dense with live and sensitive nutrients that are normally killed in the juicing process. And it tastes more awesome when done right 😉

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Your juices taste amazing! Which one is your favourite?

It really depends on my mood but lately I am loving Sunrise Elixir. It contains lemon and cucumber, our secret combo for finding your glow, and aloe which has a million-and-one benefits for you. It’s just the most perfect thing to have after waking up!

If someone puts a glass of wine or a brownie in front of me, I hoover it up. How do you overcome temptations? Do you ever indulge?

Oh gosh I indulge daily! I do not promote any diet or lifestyle that causes you to feel deprivation.  During a cleanse the cravings can really hit, but when you detox you generally crave the things you most need to detach from.  So it’s a natural process that really helps with the “reset” side of things – and it’s only for a few days ;).  I love a good glass of wine, but I make sure I eat things that make me FEEL great. Listen to how food makes your body react and simply choose more of the things that it enjoys.  Then the indulgences magically become healthier options!

On beauty…

If you were stranded on desert island and could only pack one beauty essential, what would it be?


What’s your favourite lipstick right now?nars

I am loving “Dolce Vita” by Nars.  It’s so perfect for real life (aka daily life)!

What’s your top beauty tip?

Bronzer + blush = insta glow!

On business…

What’s next for Pure Glow Cleanse?

Right now w’re really focusing on getting to know our customers better than ever. We’re also in the middle of a move into a new, larger space for production, which has been a long time coming so we couldn’t be happier! But we do have some exciting things up our sleeve, so stay tuned for summer!

Where would you like your business to be in 5 years time?

Thriving as a leader in living a glowing lifestyle. We’re about more than our amazing juices, we really want to see everyone living a life they love. It just so happens that our secret to getting started is our cleverly crafted cold-pressed juices.

What advice would you give to those thinking about starting a business?

DO IT! I absolutely adore being in business, it has allowed me to evolve as a person and give back to the beautiful community of Perth in ways I never imagined. Start where you can – perfection will get you nowhere. And don’t take no for an answer, find a way regardless of what people might say. Give your dreams a chance!

To find out more on Pure Glow Cleanse check out their website or Instagram.

To find out how I got on during a three-day detox, read my Pure Glow Cleanse review.

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