Lipstick of the Month: Diva

My most sinful shade of red

You’ll know by now that I have a bit of a red lipstick fetish, especially deep red. Deep, dark, sexy, blood red.

My most sinful shade of red is M.A.C’s Matte Lipstick in Diva. It’s a pretty dramatic one (hence the name) and I’m always waiting to bust it out on a girls night – since getting a boyfriend and having to go lipstick free most of the time, Diva has sadly been collecting dust.

Mac diva lipstick

mac lipstick in diva

Quality-wise, I do think there are better formulas out there, as I find M.A.C’s matte lipsticks flake after a few hours. They’re also not as moisturising as most of my other lipsticks.

However I can’t deny that when it comes to colour choice, M.A.C beat most cosmetic companies hands down, with a shade of lipstick for every mood and occasion. If you want a head-turning red, get your hands on Diva.

mac diva lipstick review

mac diva lipstick blogger

mac lipstick diva review

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