REVIEW: Organique Touch Algae Face Masks

Pond scum has never been so sexy

“What the hell is that?” said my boyfriend pointing to my face.


But with a hard lavender shell cocooning over my skin, I did look like I’d dipped my face in candle wax. This is what the  algae (aka pond scum) does to an Organique Touch face mask.

Algae (also seaweed) is a bit of a dark horse of the beauty world. Studies have shown certain extracts have softening, brightening and anti-acne benefits for the skin. Add this to cranberries and blueberries packed with their antioxidant and purifying properties and it starts to sound almost luxurious.

Organique Touch‘s range of algae face masks come in powder form, infused with fruits and vegetables like pumpkin and papaya. I was given the blueberry and cranberry sachets to try.

Organique algae face mask review


Best For: Dry and sensitive skin

Benefits: The anti-oxidants from the cranberry diminish the number of free radicals and help delay the process of ageing. It promises to leave the skin glowing, well-moisturised and smooth.

organique algae mask cranberry


Best for: Sensitive skin

Benefits: The blueberry extract helps to purify pores and improve circulation by strengthening the capillary tubes. It claims to leave the skin well-protected and purified.

Organique Algae Mask Blueberry

I decided to try out the blueberry one as my skin looked red and tired from a few Saturday night cocktails, so I needed a little circulation boost!

You have to set aside a bit of time for these masks, but that’s to be expected with spa products. First you have to mix the powder with water to create a paste. The packet doesn’t say how much you need to use, but I found 1/3 of a packet was plenty. Then you cake it on and leave it for 15 minutes to set.

organique blueberry algae face mask review

As it sets you can feel the mask getting tighter and harder, so you can’t talk or move your face. TOP TIP: Lock yourself away and chill out for fifteen minutes. Don’t walk around the house where a funny/annoying boyfriend is literally making you crack up.

Fifteen minutes later and you’re ready to peel it off. Because it’s so thick, you can get most of it off in large chunks. The smaller bits go flaky like dry paint when the air hits them, but they’re easily swept off with cleanser on a cotton pad (I use Garnier’s Micellar Water).

organique face mask review

I normally opt for standard cream masks that you have to rinse off afterwards, but I’ve always hated how this involves getting your face and hairline wet. Plus these usually mean your skin gets a fair bit of rubbing which can make my cheeks red all over again, so an easy peeling mask was a dream!

Once it was all removed, my skin felt soft, hydrated and the redness in my cheeks had almost disappeared! I also got these results with the cranberry mask.

after organique touch face mask

I think I’ve found my post-cocktail cure!

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