REVIEW: The Body Shop’s New Spa of the World Collection

The reason you shouldn’t buy any skincare products this week

Ohmagosh, ohmagosh, ohmagosh! You love the The Body Shop right? Well don’t buy any skincare products this week as they’re are taking their products to a whole new luxury level!

Launching on Monday 24 August, The Body Shop are rolling out their brand new Spa of the World range, bringing a rang of divine smelling, skin smoothing products out of the spa and into your home.

body shop new spa products review

I’ve been so lucky and thankful to be one of the first bloggers in Australia to get access to a few products in this range and I can’t wait to tell you about them! So let’s get down to beauty business…

The Body Shop have explored the most precious ingredients from the four corners of the globe and have developed a range of 11 products hidden inside luxurious spa quality packaging. These products make up their new Spa of the World range and I was given four to try…

1. Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay

the body shop rhassoul body clay

I’ve never use a body clay before (bad beauty blogger), but I applied a generous layer onto my thighs, stomach and arms and let it do its thing for ten minutes. You’re probably wondering what the hell you do for ten minutes when you’re covered in clay. I put a hair mask in and cleaned my skin and toilet. Can I get a whoop, whoop?

No, I didn’t think so.

After ten, you can feel the clay getting tighter and colder and it lightens in colour, which is normal as it claims to firm you up. Once I’d rinsed it off and gave myself a good scrub, I didn’t think my skin was any further, but I loved how soft it felt!

2. Dead Sea Salt Scrub

the body shop dead sea salt scrub

The Dead Sea Salt scrub smells like fresh laundry and has a good grainy consistency. I scooped a big handful up and buffed away dead cells which left my skin even, smooth, soft and ready for a rich injection of moisture.

3. Japanese Camellia Cream

the body shop japanese camellia cream

When have The Body Shop ever made a bad body butter? Exactly! The thick, sweet, floral scented cream was just what my skin ordered after I got rid of those dead cells from the Salt Scrub. I applied it all over my body except for my legs, and I could really feel the difference in hydration from my upper body compared to my lower.

4. Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil

the body shop polynesian radiance oil

I’ve save the best until last! This oil is divine and my favourite of the four, mainly because of the gorgeous smell! My skin soaked it up like I do a Saturday night cocktail, with the major difference of leaving it hydrated and silky smooth instead of parched! I found it sinks in slightly better after you’ve used the Dead Sea Salt Exfoliator. You can also add a little to your hair, which helps control frizz and leaves it smelling gorgeous, but if you have fine hair like mine just use a a drop or two as it will go greasy if you use any more.

If you don’t take my word for it, check out #spathroom on social media to see the raving reviews from other beauty bloggers.

Will you be trying The Body Shop’s new Spa of the World range?

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