Lipstick of the Month: Damson in Distress

New month, new feature!

A new month is here, and with it I’m bringing a new feature to Primping Perth: Lipstick of the Month!

I’m so easily besotted by these little sticks of seductive colour, and I’m guessing you are too or you would have clicked off by now and we’d no longer be friends. So let’s all hold hands, dance for lipstick and celebrate August’s shade, The Body Shop’s Damson in Distress ($21.95).

Body Shop Lipstick Damson in Distress


Just look at that gorgeous plum colour! We’re in the last month of winter here in Perth, which means soon we’ll be packing up our purple lipsticks to make way for spring pinks. To make the most of these last few weeks I’m going to be giving Damson in Distress a good workout (you can see it in my last outfit post), after all it’s fabulous for your lips as it’s high in moisture, high in pigments and is 100% cruelty free and 100% vegetarian.

The Body Shop Damson in Distress

Because of the high moisture content from the marula oil, it’s quite glossy. I prefer a matte finish so I pat it with my finger to knock out the shine.

Body Shop Lipstick Damson in Distress review copy

This won’t be the only time you see a Body Shop lippy on Primping Perth because they’re pretty damn good!

As for the bold shade, did you rock a purple lip this winter?

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