REVIEW: Pure Glow Cleanse Juice Detox

This is what happens when you just drink juice for three days

“Don’t do it,” said my boyfriend and a few friends when I told them I was quitting food and going on a three-day juice cleanse. I love my food, but I’m also a salad-munching health freak and have never tried a proper cleanse before, so was pretty intrigued when Pure Glow Cleanse gave me the opportunity to try their three day cleanse. The Perth based company are gaining a glowing reputation for their cleanses, which involve six juices per day (drunk in a specific order) and no food to eliminate toxins from your body, boost concentration and increase energy levels.

Pure glow cleanse review

Before you start, you have to prep your body, which means weaning yourself off caffeine, alcohol, meat and dairy for a few days. I only drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day, don’t drink alcohol during the week, rarely have dairy and don’t eat a lot of meat other than chicken. When you finish the cleanse you have to ease your body back into normal foods like smoothies, raw foods and soups – but this is basically my normal diet anyway, with the odd pizza party or burger binge of course. Here’s how I got on…

Sunrise Elixir Pure Glow Cleanse

Ingredients: Lemon, Cucumber, Aloe Vera, Filtered Water

They say: “Like a spring clean for your insides”.”

I say: This really does wake your taste buds up! The sharpness of the lemon combined with cool cucumber makes it a refreshing way to start your day, but it’s my least favourite out of all 6. I admit I rather be tucking into my warm bowl of porridge on a chilly winter morning!


Glowing Greens Pure Glow Cleanse

Ingredients: Kale, Cos, Cucumber, Celery, Green Apple, Pear, Avocado, Parsley, Lemon

They say: “this baby’s natural fibre will help you get your groove back, lighten up and feel ready to take on the world.”

I say: I love how thick Glowing Greens is! I was grateful for this more filling one, as the last was mainly water. It tasted earthy but slightly creamy from the avocado, before the lemon cuts through and leaves a tangy taste in your mouth. There are also tiny bits of pear which give it a gritty texture so you can kind of chew it.

Green Guru Pure Glow Cleanse

Ingredients:Kale, Cos, Celery, Cucumber, Green Apple, Mint, Lemon

They say: “This killer combination will see you kicking butt… replenish your system, revitalise your cells, and drench your body with alkalising goodness!”

I say: Despite this cloudy concoction also containing lemon, it was much smoother and had no sharpness. The cos and cucumber are probably the most prominent flavours, and were cool and refreshing.

Good Karma

Ingredients: Carrot, Lemon, Green Apple, Ginger, Tumeric, Grapefruit

They say:”Enhances your complexion, lowers cholesterol and detoxifies your liver…boosts your immune system, metabolism and mood.”

I say: Good Karma’s benefits are phenomenal, but I was worried I wouldn’t like it because of the grapefruit. The first sip was a real kicker, with the lemon, grapefruit and ginger combining to create a sharp taste. But after this first sip, it gets better and the carrot and apple sweetness shine though – it would be awesome with a drop of vodka! I really wish I’d asked to try their new beetroot one though, as that’s also numbered 4. and I adore beetroot!

 Buddah Juice

Ingredients:Cucumber, Green Apple, Mint, Lime

They say: “a powerhouse for your hair, skin and nails.”

I say: I love how prominent the cucumber is in Buddha Juice. The green apple adds sweetness, so it tastes a bit like kiwi fruit! However, I didn’t find this juice filling enough to have around dinner time, as it’s one of the thinnest juices.

Chai Vanilla Dream

Ingredients:Almond, Brazil Nut, Cashew, Medjool Date, Chai Spice, Vanilla, Filtered Water

They say:”Packed with protein, filled with good fats… the mega-nutrients in the nuts will be working hard overnight to replenish your whole system.”

I say: This one I was most excited about because it sounded the most indulgent. I’d never had chai spice before, and if you haven’t either it’s similar to cinnamon. Chai Vanilla Dream is creamy, slightly nutty and has a good hint of spice. I took Pure Glow Cleanse’s advice and popped it into the microwave and drank it warm. It’s definitely my favourite, mainly because I could have it warm and it’s so different from the others!

Day 1

Let me start by warning you that I’m going through a bout of PMS, and during this time I get hungry, like, hoover hungry. So all I wanted to do this week was to put on a onesie and hide my head in a bowl of chocolate, emerging only for sips of wine.

But determined to get rid of my bloated belly and cleanse my body, I cracked on and cracked open my juices one by one. Each juice took me about 45 minutes to drink as you’re advised to sip them slowly. I was excited to try all the yummy flavours, but found the ones containing lemon made my teeth sensitive while drinking them due to the acidity. I didn’t feel hungry, but I didn’t feel full either and was always ready for my next.

But what doesn’t help is your colleague dumping cupcakes on your desk, or your boyfriend eating luxury ice cream from a few yards away – I can still hear the scooping!

Day 2

Workout time! I’m on week 4 of Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, and today it was abs and arms. My abs are pretty strong so I don’t always collapse in a sweaty heap after them, however I do get more hungry on these days. Eep.

Surprisingly, I didn’t wake up ravishing like I thought I would, and drank half a litre of water during my workout. But instead of my creamy post workout protein shake, I had lemon and hot water – boooring! When it was time for Glowing Greens (the smoothie) I watered it down to make it last longer and fill me up more, but that wasn’t enough to stop my stomach from growling at me, so I had a herbal tea and more water to shut it up.

Pure Glow Cleanse warn you may feel headachy, nauseous, and bit foggy on this day. I got a bit foggy after my third juice and struggled to concentrate, and have had a slight headache ever since I eliminated caffeine a few days before the cleanse. I was also pretty peckish this day and drank the juices quicker.

Day 3

Day 3 is easier than day 2 because your body is more used to it and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

However, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since starting the cleanse. I go to bed at my normal hour, but I’m wide awake and toss and turn so my energy levels have definitely upped! I also wake up with a spring in my step, but keep hitting a slump in the early afternoon.

I went to my fitness class in the evening and didn’t slack at all, and my stomach looks so flat! But in the evening after my final juice, I was so tempted to just have a couple of nuts or a medjool date, but resisted! I was definitely ready for food again.

pure glow cleanse review


I’ve been really impressed with Pure Glow Cleanse and would definitely do it again, but probably just for the one day and in the summer when I crave cold juices over warm food. I also really want to try their new Green Cleanse because their new flavours sound awesome! A bonus was learning a lot about my eating habits. I realised I mindless graze too much (a spoonful of yoghurt here, and few nuts there), nut milks are really yummy warm, I eat too fast, lemon water is pretty good, peppermint tea isn’t. I wasn’t as lethargic as I thought I would be, my bloating was eliminated within the first day and I think I lost a kilo or two in weight (see before and after photos on my Instagram and Facebook page). Plus coming home and not having to cook dinner and make my lunch for three days was bliss!

I write about beauty products every week, but you need to take care of yourself on the inside before you add the finishing touches to the outside. Fact.

Fancy trying Pure Glow Cleanse? Here are a few tips

  • Keep yourself busy: listen to music, throw yourself into work and get out and about (but don’t find yourself in markets or on Freo’s Cappuccino Strip.
  • Wrap up warm if cleansing in the winter, the juices really cool you down!
  • Bear in mind that although the cleanse I did was for three days, when you factor in the prep days and easing yourself back into food, you’re actually adjusting your diet for a week all up, so do it when you’re social calendar is pretty free!
  • You pee. A lot! y the end of your cleanse it looks like you could bottle it and sell it to Evian. Therefore you wash your hands a lot, which dries them out. Keep hand cream on you, and if you don’t know a good one, check out my favourite hands creams.
  • Stay away from Instagram and other food porn outlets, especially in the evenings when it’s prime snacking time.

If you’ve tried Pure Glow Cleanse or are thinking about it, let me know in the comment box!


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