BEAUTY BATTLE: Benefit’s It’s Potent vs Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum

Two eyes, two eye creams; which will win?

Tragic news: I’ve reached the age when I need to start using an eye cream [falls to knees, throws head back and wails].

When I visited Endota Day Spa, I had my skin analysed and they told me the skin under my eyes was extremely dehydrated. I have dark circles, puffiness when I smile and want to delay those dreaded wrinkles from appearing so it time to bust out the eye creams. Two that claim to grant my every wish are Benefit’s It’s Potent Eye Cream ($46) and Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery Advance Eye Serum ($60).

best eye cream serum review

I used It’s Potent on my left eye and Herbal Recovery on my right eye twice a day for one month, and here are the results…

Round 1: Packaging

Both products have the beautiful packaging you would expect of high end brands.

It’s Potent has a simple good quality pot with a cool fake cork lid, whereas Herbal Recovery is a handy pump that dispenses the perfect amount in one pump.



Round 2: Formula

I love the creamy formula of It’s Potent. It is fairly thick, fragrance free and leaves the delicate eye area feeling soft and nourished.

Benefit It's Potent

Being a serum, Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery has a thinner consistency. It quickly absorbs into the skin and has a heavenly lavender smell. It’s a bit more natural and plant based than It’s Potent, so I was surprised when it left my skin feel a little thirsty, but this went after the second use.

Jurlique eye serum review

Round 3: Results

Here are the before shots (some of you may find these images offensive)

before eye cream

before eye serum

As you can see I have dark circles (although the lighting here is artificial), and puffiness when I smile (see second/grosser image), which is more so on my right eye than my left for some strange reason; my brother has the same problem, must be crap genes.

Let’s fast forward 4 weeks…

best Eye cream serum

That’s a little less Walking Dead isn’t it!

As you can see my puffiness has really reduced – I’m smiling again in that ‘after’ shot! – and the darkness has faded. So I trust they’re keeping the wrinkles well away too!


Both products were excellent and it was really hard to choose a winner, but I decided on Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum. It had a slightly tougher job to do as I used it on my puffier eye, and it managed to really deflate it. I also loved that one pump dispensed the right amount for both eyes, making it quicker to use, plus it also has slightly more natural formula.

I do still recommend Benefit’s It’s Potent, which comes in at a more purse friendly price of $46 compared to Jurlique’s $60.

Have you found a winning eye cream?

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