Battle your battle scars

A couple of months ago, I got a dirty scar on my arm. It wasn’t dirty because of it’s shape of it, it actually looked really cool, but because it was from a lighter.

After the accidental singe, I decided to do something about this burn, rather than leaving it to scar like the ones on my wrist from the oven – oh the woes of womanhood.

I decided to try Bio Oil, which is the number one selling skincare product in Australia (I was convinced PawPaw would have taken this crown), so it must be good, right?

The oil contains Vitamins A, C and E, which are essential to your skin’s health and for improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks – although some say not to use it during pregnancy because of the Vitamin A, but Bio Oil say you can use it form the start of the second trimester.

So here are my results:

Before Bio Oil:

bio oil before and after

After one week:

bio oil scar review

After two weeks:

bio oil review

Now there is barely anything there!

The non-greasy formula is easily absorbed into skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and nourished. I used it twice a day as instructed and a little goes a long way, but as you can use Bio Oil all over your body and for multiple treatments, it won’t last forever!

I might try Bio Oil on my older scars to see if it improves their appearances. If I do, I’ll show you know the results!

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