Endota Day Spa, Perth CBD

The spa that changed my opinion on facials

If I book myself into a spa it’s always for massage, never a facial. I’ve had a couple of facials as gifts before and haven’t been that impressed by them, so when I was invited down to Endota Spa in Perth CBD for a facial I thought it would be another ‘I’m going to rub stuff into your face nicely for half an hour’ experience. But it was so much more.

Endota spa review

When you walk through the door of Endota Spa, you’re greeted by a flight of stairs. ‘At a relaxation spa?!’ you gasp. Yes, but you’re far from put off, as the heavenly aroma from the spa lures you up.

As I didn’t know what type of facial my skin needed, I filled out a consultation form in the beautiful, dimly lit relaxation room. Then it  was to the skin analysis machine!

relaxation room endota spa

The skin analysis machine shines a UV light in your face to show the therapist your complexion problems and areas where the skin needs the most help. I have dry, sensitive skin, so wasn’t surprised to hear that my face needed a good buff, however I was shocked at how dark and dehydrated the skin under my eyes was.skin anaylsis

At 24 years old I thought I didn’t have to worry about eye creams for another year or two, but my results told me it was bye, bye spring chicken skin, hello crows feet. My therapist recommended their super hydrating glycolic facial peel to slough away the dead cells and boost the new ones with moisture. So for 60 blissful minutes, my face was massaged with creams and swept with serums from Endota’s organic range and Dermalogica. I also had two masks. Once the first was applied I thought I would be left wrapped in towels to listen to the soft music for five minutes, but instead I was treated to a luxurious head massage. After a second mask was applied, I was given a much­ needed neck and shoulder massage. Spoilt!

endota spa perth cbd

When it was over my skin felt smooth, looked dewy (but not greasy) and was drenched with hydration. I wanted to stay tucked under the towels and fleecy blanket for the rest of the afternoon and order a pizza, but as that wouldn’t have been allowed, I drifted down the steps, back to earth and onto the bustling concrete of Perth City.

Who’d have thought total escapism awaited just one floor above?

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