4 items to fight ingrown hairs

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Whether you shave, epilate or wax, are female or male, there’s no escaping ingrown hairs. They’re caused by the hair growing back on itself or sideways into the skin, and are most common in who have coarse or curly hair. Here are a few products I use to keep them at bay.

ingrown hairs

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating is essential. I was getting so many ingrown hairs when I started epilating that I was on the verge of hurling it off the balcony and going back to costly waxing. I exfoliated once and literally buffed away the problem! I choose to make my own with the natural formula of olive oil and a course brown sugar like demerara. It worked a treat and my ingrowns dramatically reduced, so now I only get a couple when I’ve been a bit slack with it.

natural exfoliator

2. Ingrown Fighter

Unfortunately you’re going to need a few chemicals to set these stupid hairs straight. salicylic acid derived from willow bark which acts as an exfoliant within the hair follicle, clearing infection and reducing inflammation. I use Legole’s Anti Ingrown Hair Retardant every day to stop ingrowns and slow hair regrowth. It reduces bumps and swelling and the ingrown will be removed as you exfoliate. It doesn’t have a horrible smell either, but it is one of the more expensive ingrown lotions at $30.

legole ingrown hair review

3. Tweezers

Despite all these procedures, sometimes you’ll get a deep hair and will need to perform a minor operation on yourself – come on, we’ve all been there – and your hero will be a good set of tweezers. When it comes to tweezers you can’t beat Tweezerman. They’re very sharp and can pick hairs out like a pro, but sometimes they can be a little too sharp and cut the hair, so make sure you grab it by the root. Plus their designs are so pretty! I got mine when they did a collab with Benefit.

tweezerman tweezers review

4. Tea Tree Oil

If you read my post on the Beauty Benefits of Tea Tree Oil, you’ll already know they help treat ingrowns. After you’ve removed an ingrown, apply it to heal the skin to fight infection.

tea tree oil

Of course, an alternative is just to sod it all and go eau naturelle; winter is coming after all!

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