6 ways to style a white shirt

Dress up and dress down your classic workwear staple with these ideas…

No work wardrobe is complete without a white cotton shirt, but while it doesn’t get more classic, it can also be a bit boring. Enter accessories!

There are many ways you can decorate a white shirt, but first you need a good quality canvas. I adore my crisp white cotton shirt from Hawes & Curtis (now $67). It’s beautifully crafted from 100% cotton and has a semi-fit cut which makes it comfy yet flattering. The material is also a decent thickness, so isn’t see-through like 80% of the white shirts out there. I admit that I do favour Hawes & Curtis because they’re British, but you simply can’t deny their quality, particularly on the cuffs and collar. Plus they ship to Australia for free and package their shirts like no other!

Here’s how I style this fashion staple to get the most of it for both work and play, day to night…


1. Collar tips

Collar tips

2. Bow Tie


3. Under a dress or jumper


5. Statemet necklace under the collar


6. Tied at the waist

PreciousS2_8655 (1)


You can also try undoing a button or two and having one side tucked in and one side hanging out, with braces, cufflinks, a longline vest, a tied ribbon, there are so many possibilities! How do you wear yours?

Photos by Precious S2 Photography

Hawes & Curtis Shirt Gifted

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