REVIEW: Benefit’s Coralista Blush and Lip Gloss

Because it’s not quite cold enough for winter make-up

Coralista blush lip gloss review

Benefit have had their Box of Powders paired up with their matching Ultra Plush lip glosses for a while now. I adore all the Benefit blushers (I’m still grieving for their bronzer/highlighter powder Number 10) and have been meaning to write about Coralista for a while now, but then I thought I’d give the gloss a go too and see how well they compliment each other.

Coralista Bush, $51

Coralista Blush

I love, love, love the shade of the Coralista blush. I usually opt for a pink cheek, so this coral shade is a great transition into other colours. Its pinky, peach hue will suit most skin tones, and is a great alternative if you don’t fancy pink, but want a subtler tone than your bronzer. It also has a beautiful subtle scent!

Coralista Lip Gloss, $23

Coralista Lip Gloss

I’m really not a lip gloss lover as I prefer a matte finish, but this one is pretty good. It glides on with no stickiness whatsoever and  the glossy peach shade isn’t too bold, making it ideal for work and gorgeous on a sunny day. The tip is also good for an accurate application.

The Look Benefit Coralista reviewI thought the two together would be a bit of a coral over-kill, but they give a natural day look, with the gloss being more peach, while the blush has a tiny touch of pink. I’ll definitely be adding them to my make up bag and making the most of them until winter arrives, and rich berry shades stain my lips for 3 months.

What do you think of the Coralista products?

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