16 beauty benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Why every girl, guy, mother and cat needs Tea Tree oil

Australia is full of lovely reptiles, spiders and insets that just LOVE sharing their poison with humans. However, as we don’t find this game much fun, Mother Nature has given us Tea Tree oil, a antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic natural wonder.

tea tree oil
This oil is extracted from the twigs and leaves of Tea Tree, native to New South Wales and Queensland. It can multitask like a boss, making it an essential to any beauty cupboard, household and first aid kit. But lets be vain and focus on how it can make us look better…

1. Helps to heal and soothe sunburn

2. Soothes insect bites, chicken pox and even prevents fleas on pets

3. An antiseptic/anti-fungal treatment

4. Dries out spots

5. Add to shampoo to treat dandruff

6. Removes nail varnish – but wash your hands thoroughly afterwards!

7. Helps fight psoriasis, dermatitis and similar skin conditions

8.  Strengthens the hair follicles, reducing hair loss – mix a few drops with olive oil to boost the blood flow in your scalp and remove dead skin.

9. Can remove skin tags and warts

10. Treats cold sores – however, tea tree is toxic, so don’t get it in your mouth!

11. Relieves ingrown hairs

12. Kills hair lice

13. Softens corns

14. Strengthens the hair follicles, reducing hair loss – mix a few drops with vegetable oil and massage

15. Softens dry cuticles

16. Calms and heals rashes

What an absolute babe!

All this for just a few dollars (I picked up my bottle from Woolworths for about $7)! However, sometimes Tea Tree needs to be diluted, so make sure you research how to use it for a specific treatment before you pour it on.

Do you have Tea Tree oil in your beauty cupboard?

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