REVIEW: Organique Chocolate Sugar Peeling & Goat Milk and Lychee Body Butter

Chocolate, sugar, goats milk and lychee  – a delicious recipe for silky smooth skin

“Feel my thighs. FEEL MY THIGHS!” I said to my boyfriend, cocking my leg and blocking the TV. No, this isn’t my art of seduction, I was testing a couple of Organique Spa products.

The brand

Let’s rewind. If you live in Australia, you may not have heard of the Polish brand Organique, but it’s a spa quality brand full of natural lovelies you really should get your mits on. The brand has been around for 15 years and is pretty big in Poland, but now their award winning products are available in Perth! When I found out about them I couldn’t wait to smother myself with a few of their formulas, so I tried the Chocolate Sugar Peeling and the Goat Milk and Lychee Body Butter…

organique products

Chocolate Sugar Peeling

organique chocolate peeling review organique chocolate scrub review

Just look at it! It looks like a delicious chocolate dessert and the smell (oh ladies, the smell!) bursts out as soon as you open the lid, and hits you with an alluring scent of melted chocolate. I scooped some into my hand, resisted the strong urge to lick it, and started exfoliating my thighs.

The consistency of the scrub is perfect; not too grainy that it’s like rubbing stones over your body, but not too fine you feel like it’s doing nothing.

The cocoa extract stimulates circulation, detoxifies and smooths while the cocoa butter nourishes and softens. The peeling also contains rapeseed oil and Shea butter for extra nourishment.

I used it on just my thighs, so I could compare how it felt to the rest of my skin and results were fantastic. My skin was incredibly smooth and velvety to the touch. Time to butter myself up…

Goat Milk and Lychee Rejuvenating Body Butter

I hate lychees and goats milk makes me gag, but this body butter is bloody gorgeous! This is another product where Organique have nailed the consistency and smell, with a floral/just-got-out-of-the-bath scent.

organique goat milk and lychee butter

Organique call goat milk proteins “the royal dose of youth recovery”, and the added pearl extract slows down the ageing process. It’s also rich in Shea butter which soothes, nourishes and acts as natural UV filter, which is perfect for fighting the Australian sun.

Other awesome ingredients include aloe vera, beeswax, lychee extract (rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C), and the formula claims to soften scars. Boom!

organique goat milk lychee body butter

I used this body butter before bed on just one of my chocolate buffed thighs. After it sank in, it made my skin feel a bit ‘grippy’, but when I woke up I felt both my thighs, and the one I’d buttered up felt far softer than the one without.

So that brings us up to the point where I jump up in the morning, interrupt my boyfriend’s TV show and make him compare my legs. Without a hint from me, he says my goat infused thigh felt far softer than the other!

Want silky smooth skin too? See where you can find Organique here!

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