REVIEW: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Is it a cream? Is it a gel? No, it’s a super powder!

Last month I went to a Dermalogica Face Mapping consultation at Perth’s Endota Spa. On my way out I was handed a goody bag, which contained a skincare product unlike any other skincare product I’d tried.

Call me behind, but Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant really got me intrigued with its unique formula.

dermalogica daily microfoliant

The Daily Microfoliant is not a cream, it’s not a serum, it’s a fine white powder that transforms into a foaming scrub with water. All together now: Ooooh!


You sprinkle a little onto wet hands and start rubbing it into a creamy paste. The ingredients include Rice Enzymes, which activate with water.

The paste gets thinner with more water, so once you’ve created your perfect consistency, massage away!


The Daily Microfoliant removes make up and daily grime with ease while softly buffing away dead cells.

It’s gentle even on my sensitive skin, and I noticed results after just a couple of uses.

My skin looked clear, smooth and the redness on my cheeks had reduced, giving me a more even skin tone. What a babe!

You can also use it as a mask by applying a thick layer all over and leaving it on for a few minutes. I tried this, but it made my skin feel a little tight after a couple of minutes so I prefer using it as a cleansing scrub.

This was the first time I’d used a product from Dermalogica. Have you got any favourites from this brand?

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