REVIEW: Palladio Lip Stain in Pinky

Kiss-proof pink in a hydrating pen

Isn’t it annoying when you apply a pale lipstick perfectly, only to see it fade after a few sips of water, a bite of a apple or a kiss from your partner? Actually it’s pretty funny to watch your boyfriend leave the house with a glossy pink pout – sorry babe.

That’s the trouble with pale lipsticks, their blossom pink and peachy hues don’t bleed into the lips like a rich plum or blood red.

Enter lip stains.

Remember lip stains when they first came out? Sorry, I’m asking a lot of questions today. We may as well have put nail polish on our lips for their drying effect, flaky finish, and short lifespan. I kicked lip stains to the curb years ago, and became a die hard lipstick junkie, but that was until a friend/make-up artist introduced me to Palladio’s Lip Stain in this pretty shade called Pinky ($6).

palladio lip stain review

I’d never heard of Palladio before, but they’re a vitamin-enriched, botanical cosmetic brand from the US, which began in 1985, so they’ve been in the game long enough to know what’s good for you, and their prices are so cheap!

Anyway, the rapid-drying lip stain slowly seeps out of a felt tip pen, ensuring accurate application with no uncontrollable pour-age. Yes it dries quickly, but the moisturising and waterproof formula means it won’t dehydrate your lips. You can also build the colour up, making it deeper and deeper, or layer one stain over another. Plus when you do lick your lips, you’ll get a subtle sweet taste.

palladio lip stain pinky

Does it last ‘all day’ like they claim? No; but the colour does seep into the lips deeper than a lipstick, so it will last longer than your average stick.

There are 6 shades to choose from, and for just $6 you really can’t go wrong!

Have you found a pale lipstick/stain/gloss that lasts hours?

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