REVIEW: label m. Brightening Blonde Range

It hydrates, smooths and smells irresistible, but can it battle the brass?

It’s the blonde curse. It happens around 6 weeks after highlighting occurs, although it affects some sooner. It’s sweeps across the scalp and , turning cool, icy blondes a dull, brassy, yellow. Fortunately, the beauty industry hasn’t let us suffer, and have rolled out many blonde shampoos to combat the curse, the latest one I’ve been trialling is label m.’s Brightening Blonde range. Brightening Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner ($59 for duo) label m blonde shampoo review You’ve probably tried purple shampoo and conditioners before, right? Well these are your once a week jobbies, that can easily dry hair out if used daily.

Instead, label m.’s  shampoo and conditioner is a golden liquid that’s nourishing and gentle, perfect for using as your regular shampoo.

From the first wash, this duo made my hair feel soft and hydrated. Its natural extracts of white pineapple, Mamaki tea, and lemon gives it a beautiful fresh smell while injecting moisture into damaged locks.

However, the visible results weren’t as good as the softness. This picture is my hair before I started using the Brightening Blonde shampoo and conditioner: DSC00150 As you can see there’s more brass on my head than in an antique store. Here are the results after two weeks (before smoothing agents I’d like to add): label m brightening blonde review So no epic results, although I did notice a reduction in frizz and far softer locks. I decided it was time to get the Brightening Blonde Balm involved… Brightening Blonde Balm, $27 label m brightening blonde balm review The Balm impressed me the most out of the range. You know that dry, scarecrow hair you get after too much bleaching? Well this cream instantly tames your mane, smooths even the driest ends and leaves locks glossy. After using the balm: label m brightening blonde balm The image doesn’t do the shine justice, and you can’t reach through the screen and feel the softness, but you can see a frizz reduction. Yet my blonde still isn’t much brighter! Despite the lack of visible results, I’d still recommend label m.’s Brightening Blonde Range for the hydrating and frizz-reducing factors.

After I got re-bleached a couple of weeks ago my hair felt like straw, but after one wash using this threesome, softness was restored.

Oh, and whether you’re in drizzly England or sunny Australia, the range includes protection from humidity and UV rays. Win!

What’s your favourite blonde shampoo?

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