REVIEW: The Body Shop Honey Bronze Face Gel

A bronzer creating a real buzz

Whether you’re in the middle of winter or in the middle of summer, it’s vital to protect your face from harsh climates. The average temperature here in Perth is now a scorching 35 degrees, and since the sun awakens my eczema with a vengeance, I have to keep my face protected. This means I have a golden body, and a white face and neck. Fabulous.

So all hail the cosmetic queens for inventing bronzers. I usually stick to a solid mineral solid powder like Curtis Collection’s or Vani-T’s, but this year I found The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Face Gel.

Honey Bronze Bronzing Face Gel review

This liquid bronzer does more than your average powder. It moisturises, contains Fair Trade honey and beeswax, plus you can blend it in with your moisturiser to create a tinted one!

Yes it sounds good, but when I saw how dark it was, I thought I’d apply it and be ready to start my first shift at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory…

the body shop Honey Bronze Face Gel

However The Body Shop say it suits all skin tones, so I applied it with a foundation brush as recommended, and thankfully, it came out like this…

Honey Bronze Bronzing Face Gel

As you can see, it’s lightweight formula blends in pretty well with my pasty face! I dabbed a little on my brush and drew a thin line just under each cheek bone and then quickly buffed it in upwards circles, and this makes it a brilliant product for contouring. I also put a little down my nose, a dot on my chin, and a small amount across my forehead for a natural glow.

Overall, I’d recommend it as it makes a modern change from powders, and contains no teenage shimmer that some bronzers go overboard on.

And the best part? You get all of this for a sweet $8.95!

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