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Feed your hair with every vitamin it needs

I think I’ve told you about the 10% protein diet I went on a couple of years ago that dramatically thinned my hair. It wasn’t an intentional thing, I just wasn’t big on meat or fish and preferred my veggies, but as hair is made up of protein and I wasn’t putting enough into my body, my strands abandoned me one by one.

Two years on and the final few inches of my thin hair have almost grown out – hence the big chop I’ve recently had – but there’s still a fine inch or two on the ends.

I’m never letting my hair get to that state again, so I’ve found help in Help Hair Whey Protein Shake.

help hair shake review


I bought the Help Hair Whey Protein Shake at the Every Woman Expo from Kate Dawes, the hair loss specialist and trichologist at Medical Hair Restoration Australia based in Perth.

The low calorie formula is packed with goodies including a heavy dose of biotin for growth, iodine for healthy thyroid function which regulates the growth, and even Stevia instead of sugar (for the full list, click here).

Help Hair Whey Proten Concentrate review


The shakes comes in two flavours: chocolate (which tastes like Milo) and vanilla, which I chose.

I’ve tried whey protein shakes before and they’re vile, they taste stale and have a grainy/powdery texture, but this one is awesome! It immediately adds a sweet, creamy flavour to smoothies without any lumps, so I look forward to it every morning.

However, be wary of what you blend it with. The first time I used it, I added it to my beetroot, celery, kale and carrot concoction. This did not go down well – I hold Mr Celery mostly responsible.

If you want to blend it in with your juices, make sure your smoothie is at least 2 parts fruit, then your taste buds won’t get confused by a strange vanilla/earthy/creamy drink.

Ingredients the Help Hair Protein Shake works brilliantly with are:

  • Banana
  • All berries
  • Apple (this makes it go mega frothy like a cappuccino!)
  • Carrot
  • Orange
  • Beetroot
  • Spinach (small amount)
  • Kale (small amount)
  • Mango
  • Avocado
  • Peach

Help Hair protein shake

Help Hair Vanilla protein powder

If you’re in a rush, Help Hair works well with just milk or water.

You have to take it every day, so when I went on a work trip overseas I took a small pot of it with me (yes, it gets through customs drama-free!), and carefully spooned it into my water bottle each morning.

It was a bit messy and popping a vitamin would have been easier, but it curbed my appetite until we found a breakfast spot and gave me a protein kick start.

Help Hair also encourages you to mix things up and get a bit more creative in kitchen. As well as making smoothies, I played around with smoothie bowls, and added it to muffins, pancakes and raw balls to give them a sweet vanilla protein kick.

Help Hair Whey Protein review
Protein powder raw ball recipe


This is the longest time I have ever spent testing a product as it takes 3 months for you to notice results.

One tub lasts about 8 weeks, but for men this will be less as their dosage is a full scoop daily, whereas it’s 1/2 a scoop for women.

After about 3 months I thought it felt thicker at the root, my boyfriend noticed it looked fuller, and my hairdresser said that it had thickened up more and “holds its shape better”.

Before taking Help Hair: help hair whey protein shake review

After 4 months taking Help Hair: help hair whey protein shake results As well as thickness, it has also grown slightly quicker than normal, although not as fast as Lee Stafford’s shampoo and conditioner.

Overall I love it as a post-workout drink, a snack or a morning boost. I still have one more tub to go through, so stay tuned!

If you can’t afford several month’s worth of the shake (each tub is $80), but have thinning hair, try their shampoo, which reduced my hair shedding in a couple of weeks and made it fabulously bouncy.

Extra 2 tubs of Help Hair Gifted

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