REVIEW: Schwarzkopt Extra Care BB 11 in 1 Hair Beautifier

Yep, BB creams are no longer just for skin

I’m sure you’ve used a BB creams on your skin, but have you ever used one designed for your hair? I hadn’t either, until I heard about Schwarzkopt’s New Extra Care BB 11 in 1 Hair Beautifier ($10.99).


For every dollar it costs, it contains a benefit for your hair, including liquid keratin to reconstruct the hair and promises to deliver a whopping 11 benefits! These are:
1. Anti-Breakage
2. Split Ends Protection
3. Silky Softness
4. Diamond Shine
5. Strength Against Damage
6. Frizz Control
7. Immediate Detangling
8. Deep Nourishment
9. Natural Volume
10. Moisture Sealing
11. Supreme Repair

I’ve found its best kept promise is frizz control (although this may vary from hair to hair). I normally let my hair dry naturally, which gives me a bit of frizz even after using smoothing products, but when I use Schwarzkopt’s BB Cream, I’ve never had smooth frizz-free results like it! I normall have to slap on the serum to tame my bird’s nest.

Its next best promises are softness and detangling. Smooth it onto towel dried hair and your comb will glide through far easier, and once dry your locks will feel beautifully soft.

However it doesn’t leave it too soft, which my fine-haired sisters out there will know is like having down feathers on your head. You may think because of the hefty list of ingredients it won’t be suitable for thinner locks, but I don’t find it too heavy at all.

My only gripe is that I wish it would contain sun protection too, but nevertheless it’s definitely one for the beach bag!

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