REVIEW: The Body Shop Face Base

Matte in 10 seconds flat

Mondays to Fridays, I get up at 4:45am, well at least I’m supposed to anyway. Sometimes I just can’t drag my sleepy arse out of bed and need an extra ten minutes. On mornings like this I don’t have time to paint my face and work on a flawless finish, I need a quick make-up routine. This is where The Body Shop’s Face Base ($29.95) is a real life time saver.

body shop face base

In about ten seconds, you can sweep this foundation and powder duo on for an instant even, matte finish. The neat little compact comes complete with a sponge and mirror, so you can chuck it in your handbag for top ups.

Another perk is that you can also use it wet. When I first tried it wet I got major streakage as I used too much water, so all you need to do is dampen the sponge and then sweep it over Face Base. This gives you a smoother, less powdery finish.

Here’s a shot of me before using Face Base (please be kind, my skin was having a particularly bad tantrum)


body shop face base review


the body shop face base review

Its light coverage is perfect for daytime, however, if like me you have dry skin I don’t recommend using it during a dry spell. When my face is having a flake fest, this foundation only makes the dryness stand out more, but if you have oily/combination skin, it’ll be a real winner.

So hit snooze, and catch another ten minutes shut eye.

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